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Feb 01, 2008

McCain's Deathly Bling


Near the end of the Vietnam war, Bob Dole started wearing a bracelet in honor of an American POW in Vietnam, but never told a soul.  In comparison, McCain started wearing one just before the New Hampshire primary, in the name of a young American kid killed in Iraq, and now he's flaunting it -- with the magazine's collusion -- on the cover of TIME.

... It wasn't until '96, by the way, that McCain discovered the name on Dole's bracelet was his.  (Link below.)

What is it going to take -- both for the media, and the larger public -- not to automatically turn into sheep whenever and however anyone invokes the name of "the troops."

We see the practice here at its most callous, "The Phoenix" rising on the backs of dead young Americans and gesturally staking his presidential claim on it.

I'm interested in your thoughts on the image.  Excuse me, though, while I go onto ebay and search for wrist attire.

John McCain on the Cover of Time: The Rest of the Story (Bracelet story at RedState, no less)
The Resurrection of John McCain (Cover Story)

(image: Joe Pugliese.  February 4, 2008 cover.  TIME.


The hands, I look at those hands and realize that this man is old.

Yes, old fist clenched, as wedded to that POW band as the gold band below it. Time goes all out with the ashen gray, even for their logo. Of course, the band of stories across the top adds the subliminal. Tanking economy, artificial life, RAMBO!

My first impression was the band was a watch and how archaic it seems to wear a watch in the day of cell phones and blackberries. My second impression was the word Phoenix relating to ashes and the ashy look of the images in the photo.

Why doesn't he wear a wristband with the name of one of the kids who has killed him/herself since coming back home? Certainly, there have been more suicides than prisoners of war in this terrible mess he helped create and continues to fund.

Let's see, how does that Matthew 6:3 old good book part go? Oh yeah, "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth-So far from making a display of it, dwell not on it even in thine own thoughts, lest it minister to spiritual pride." (Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary) Trying to tell us something wrist-news-and-worthy John?

Amused (I'm not) to new and now psychoanalysis (I'm ain't) add: "Erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development" (i.e., yes-yes, narcissism at IT'S TIME finest!) Go Eli.

I think he should start wearing an onion hanging from his belt. You know, that was the style of the times.

Didn't anyone notice how OLD the hands look? I mean, despite his "energy," this man is old, like my Grandfather! Spots and wrinkles---the kind of hands I used to play with when I was 4 years old and sat in my Grandfather's lap.... How can he be president?

An aging McCain on the cover, and an aging Rambo in the top right corner.

Rambo is old but he never got caught back in 'nam'. Granpa did!

There's something very very familiar about that pose. Not the Norman Rockwell still-lifeness, not the WWII poster straight into the camera look. Finally it hit me, he's James Bond doing his last minute cuff adjustment before going off to play with the bad guys and girls. Don't look now Usama, double-O_71 has picked up your scent.

TIME is a tough cover to crack -- creating life gets a mention but not a photo.

If I remember correctly, his arm suffered some sort of damage while he was a resident of the Hanoi Hilton. That may account for the pose. Interestingly, Dole has also lost the use of his arm and in photos holds his arm the same way. Interesting the connection between these two. However, didn't McCain 'fight' the Vietnam war by flying planes high in the sky and dropping bombs on civilians then heading back to base for a beer? Until he got shot down he probably had little or no contact with actual soldiers on the ground. Dole, otoh, was actually in the fighting, boots on the ground. How marvelously ironic that Dole wore the MIA bracelet of McCain. And how typically, predictably opportunistic of McCain to just now put on the bracelet of some poor soldier. It's the huggy-Bush photo all over again. He will do anything, ANYTHING, to be president. What should scare us all is that he proudly proclaims that he knows nothing about economics. Does this remind you of any one else?

I think Stephen Colbert's orange "Wrist" bracelet is more sincere.

I can't even see a bracelet now without thinking about the genocide bracelet spoof. You too can celebrate doing nothing by literally doing nothing. That pretty much wraps up the whole bracelet thing. All the hundreds of thousands he throws at advertising to pimp himself out to the people, we're supposed to be impressed that he dropped a buck on an insincere bracelet? Come to think of it though, thats about all the sincerity conservative voters really need to see to vote for President. So in his case that probably was a dollar well spent.

He often looks, behaves, orates ... like a puppet.
The photographer has totally captured that here. You can almost see the strings.
The gray background is so appropriate, he's in a gray area.
Red tie, not too flashy red. A cautious conservative, but certainly a conservative.
Nice picture, Walnuts.

Slightly O/T because it's not about this specific covershot, but:

Did anyone else notice that during the entirety of the televised debate the other night, Mr. Walnuts had severe difficulty with getting any of the muscles between his eyes and his upper lip to do anything at all? Lack of expression is one thing, but I thought I detected more than just a hint of botox.

Man looked like he was wearing a plastic mask of his own face.

i watched those dabates on tv th other night. To tell u you the truth i was not impressed by the anwsers that they were giving. it looked likr to me they would play off the question to talk about things that they wanted to talk about.

The post slave trade Africa was like a ravaged land and the Europeans who moved the Africans where ever they need free labor. Africa was not in good shape at the time.

I see his head in front of the letters IM...I am the way. I am Mc Cain. Of course that leaves the letters T and E on The End. Does this indicate the end of McCain, the end of conservative ideology, or the end of our democracy?

His ears are not visible, meaning we should probably not expect him to listen much, of course with his aging he might not hear too well...

Do you get a charm for each one killed? That would be awesome.

He looks so... old.

Hmmm... I didn't think he looked old- didn't even think about it until I looked at the comments. He does look stiff and posed to me. I didn't notice the wrist bling, although, I think if anyone has a right to wear that with pride, he does. He isn't a hypocrite. He has spoken out against torture.

if you don't believe that he really got a bracelet from someone, you are wrong, it was given to him by my brother inlaws mother believe what you want and believe it for the wrong reasons
someone who was a prisoner in war doesnt just wear a bracelet given to him for shits and giggles espeically after serving in the military himself

and no, its not a watch or a blurry black bracelet, theres a picture of matthew, his name and the date in which he was born and past away in iraq, but believe what you want... REALLY.

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