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Feb 21, 2008

It's Not About Sex, It's About Power


First off, I owe a hearty thanks to everyone who took part in the conversation while I was away.  I was in Mexico City for five days taking a complete break from news, technology, the internet, U.S. culture and American gastronomy.

One thing I'd like to figure out, though, is why the news always goes crazy when I take a few days off.  I mean, I knew I was missing a few primaries and Bush in Rwanda, but Kosovo? Castro? Afghanistan bombings? the al Sadr rumors?  And then, I somehow completely blanked on the Pakistani election.  Anyway, I might be working forward and back a little bit to catch up.

At this point, however, how could I overlook the visage of one Vicki Iseman?

As this story builds over the next few days, just keep in mind the power of a photograph.

Given where the mind goes -- when money and power (and unreported free rides with beautiful lobbyists) are concerned -- these images can't help but pull for carnal knowledge.  Of course, the image with Bush looks pretty standard.  But, check out this diptych the Huffington Post constructed.  With McCain fresh off somebody's private jet, they have him leering to his left like he's looking at Iseman (or her chest, more specifically) through a window.

What elevates the story way beyond the blue dress/Monkey Business dimension, however, is Iseman's role as an influence peddler.  Along those lines, what is potentially explosive here is the emergence of the not just the Iseman story, but the Iseman image in the middle of an election environment dripping with enmity toward the Washington lobbyist.

Just like Tom DeLay's mug shot finally crystallized a picture of the GOP as ethically bankrupt, I'm interested to see whether Iseman's photo -- paired with the NYT story, and a little more digging -- comes to hang McCain with a similar symbolism.

Bottom line, however, tossing around meet-and-greet pictures of Bush together with Iseman, or pushing a sexual connection between Iseman and McCain (whether there is/was one, or not) only serves to confuse the issue.  As always, these relationships are not about sex, but about power.  Or, in McCain's case, relative to Iseman's telecommunications clients and the FCC (and whatever else shakes out), the abuse of power.

For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk (NYT)
McCain's Ties To Lobbyist Worried Aides (WAPO)
Attytood: McCain's lobbyist friend: "A View from the Top"(
Arrogance Express (Digby)
Iseman lobbying firm
bio (screen shot via Huffington Post via Raw Story)

(image 1:  Indiana University of via image 2: AP. image 3: unattributed)


All I'm noticing is how shiny her face is in both photos... noting also that the one with Bush is from a long time ago, noticing how much younger he looks.

Her eyes look medicated, or drunk.

Why is it that the GOPsters all have eyes either too far apart, or too close together. is there a story there? Is the times on that one? Nooooooo.


i see three folks pimping for corporate interests

I'd do her, if she would get me free cell-phone service.

welcome back :-D

Thanks so much, Steve. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through the conversation I missed. For example, the Putin thread was fascinating, especially for the cross-cultural discussion of facial expression. And to think that the PKK post would inspire poetry! If someone told me when I started this blog that an inspired community would be quoting Keats, I would have said I was dreaming!

Oh yeah, I'm glad to be back.

Way to keep it classy, Jacques.

John would never fall for her, she doesn't have enough money...

ref : “check out this diptych the Huffington Post constructed. . . they have him leering to his left like he's looking at Iseman (or her chest, more specifically) through a window.

i wince and feel shame and embarrassment; the image construct being an example, perhaps the template exemplar for Yellow Journalism.

i feel sorry for Ms. Huffington. Here, pathos, in Greek rhetoric.

i fear that her blog = publication, once such promise for nouveau progressivism de réseau’ has been hijacked, not unlike dKos, into nothing more than a GoTo HomePage for the U.S. Democratic Party. As a result we must now question not only the relevance or correctness of any/all imagery or text-context copy writ, which most of us do when we view, read or hear people saying things ~ but also wary the bias apparent ~ the propagenda of Huffington Post.

MadameGonzo, (a postmodern feminist), says this image is not just unjust, it is disgusting.

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