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Feb 13, 2008



Although the picture was taken some days before the voting, you can't look at this image outside the context of the one-sided loss HRC suffered last night in Maryland (as well as Virginia and D.C.).

Here, Maryland Clinton-backers Lt. Gov. Brown, Senator Mikulski, and Governor O'Malley, back-right, join Hillary on a tour of the Powertrain manufacturing plant.  Clinton and Brown wear masks of attention, but you get the feeling that either or both could be as far away as the (at least momentarily) discordant Mikulski.  Visions of the end-of-the-line, perhaps?

What seems to enhance the effect is the arrangement of primary colors.  While the red-green-blue creates an optimal visual differentiation in the brain, I wonder if the color harmony actually serves to heighten the dissonance of the manufactured mood.

Winning Streak Extends To District, Md. and Va. (WAPO)
image from:
Presidential Candidates Boost Campaign Efforts - (WAPO slide show)

(image: Nikki Kahn - The Washington Post.  February 2008.  Maryland.


Even though they're not somewhere else, it sure looks like they wish they were.

Nobody likes to pose for pictures with a loser.

Hillary clad in the blue_s

Just A Dream by Big Bill Broonzy

Dreamed I was in the White House, sittin' in the president's chair
I dreamed he's shaking my hand, and he said "Bill, I'm so glad you're here"
But that was just a dream, Lord, what a dream I had on my mind
Now, and when I woke up, baby, not a chair there could I find

The angled shot creates a sense of things being off-kilter or out of balance. Hillary looks as if she might to slide right out of the picture. Time will tell if that is an accurate metaphor.

el pequeño dice => viva el patrón !

It doesn't seem that "color harmony" is the appropriate term for the colors that Senator Mikulski and Senator Clinton have chosen.

Re Mikulski, as W.C. Fields immortally asked, "Is that woman short, or is she just standing in a hole?"

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