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Feb 06, 2008

The Last Word On Super Tuesday From BNN Election Central



My dear Bagman, how are you this morning?

There's at least one Reptilian in that photo montage.

I guess Oprah and Maria Shriver's blessing didn't help in California. Go Hillary!!!!!

Are you implying that we've overdone it a tad with this talking head thing? Feels like you're right. If we were getting insight at the same pace as ersatz face-time maybe that montage wouldn't be so creepy. Many of those pictured have a position they're pushing — they're selling, not observing. If only you could put it on your garden.

Print(-like) media ain't any better. Today's MSNBC web site is currently leading with:

To Unite? To Divide? A tale of two parties.
Analysis: The GOP could rally around its nominee, while Democrats face a potentially party-splitting race.

That "analysis" is pure hallucination. They should use real drugs. We all might learn something.

To Unite? To Divide? A tale of two parties.
Analysis: The GOP could rally around its nominee, while Democrats face a potentially party-splitting race.

I find this confusing because ABC (or was it NBC? I forget and can't really tell the difference anyway) talking heads suggested exactly the opposite.

whenever the media has no news, ‘the news’ is a conversation they have with themselves.

One ugly bunch of people....not that they can help it. One more reason not to watch television. Oh, for the voice of Kaltenborn.

"morning after" they screw the public...Just like day after day.

In spite of all the Hillary hate, these village idiots look more foolish than normal with her big wins. Yabber on, you morons. Go Hill!!

I can't believe anyone still takes these people seriously.

Hey Mike. Can you do an expose on candidates pointing their finger? They always seem to be pointing this way and that, or pointing to stab home a point. They all do it.

none of them know anything.

Every day, to earn my daily bread
I go to the market where lies are bought
I take up my place among the sellers.

- Brecht

Coming back to this a couple days later, most of these pictures look like people who have just tasted or smelled something really noxious. Notice the pursed lips, the furrowed brows, the downward glances, the uplifted "surprised" eyebrows. The faces in the middle of the montage look outraged and there is one feller in the middle in the second to last row who looks incredulous. I guess it's hard work being a pundit. But with those paychecks, where do I sign up? I've spent seven years smelling something noxious so I have plenty of experience.

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