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Feb 05, 2008

No Forrestalling The Inevitable?

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Somehow, poring over the Super Tuesday Eve pics, all the best material kept coming up McCain.

Perhaps it was pure coincidence, but I take it to mean that Hillary and Barack will only be passing another mile marker, while tomorrow, across the fence, we are likely to witness the true opposition emerge.

Anyway, I found these three images interesting in different ways.  Regarding the first shot (from Saturday), I did a double-take after reading the caption.  It states:

Sen. John McCain carries luggage belonging to a member of the traveling press as he boards his charter plane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport en route to Nashville.

It's an open secret that McCain caters to the media (see below).  But the symbolism of McCain, like a bell man, actually carrying hefting the reporter's baggage for them?  That's too perfect.  (Is he delivering coffee, too?)

In the second shot, we see John and Cindy talking to reporters in Connecticut on Sunday. (Geez, what's with all the coffee cups?)  In the foreground -- already in our face -- is an issue of LIFE from July '67 featuring the fire aboard the USS Forrestal.    Stationed off Vietnam, McCain was on board the carrier at the time (about three months before he was shot down and became a POW).  The fire, by the way, was caused by a fighter jet accidentally firing a rocket while on deck.

If this isn't the cheesiest, heavy-handed way to begin pumping us with hero propaganda.  Enjoy this time, because, believe me, you are going to be sick to death of McCain's war persona before you know it.  (Also, unless McCain gets completely in his own way, we might see something of a lesson as to how Kerry should have done it.)

Finally, this gothic shot (courtesy of the TV lights) features Romney in a pancake house in Nashville, teaming up with Rick Santorum, one of the featured names on that long list of conservative McCain haters.  The two pols share an all-American breakfast with John Q. Public -- or Holly and Bill from Nashville, along with their two children.  Mitt seems to toast the couple with a glass of juice.

Rick helps reprise the visual vocabulary of the old religious right.  I mean, we're talking about sitting down with a family -- one family, when the rest of the candidates are bouncing around between 22 different states -- in order to emphasize family values.  And, we're talking, the South.  And pancakes. With folks** like Rick, Holly and Bill convinced that McCain is selling out, Romney is, uh, juicing the winguts for all he's worth.  (Or, for all he used to be worth.)

(** Hey, I just wanted to say the word "folks" one more time, before that disappears, too.)

For Democrats, engaging with the press brings friction (LAT -- Rather surprising "complaint" article about restrictions on Hillary, Obama's traveling press.  Makes favorable comparison to McCain)
Dana Milbank - The Mouths That Run Against McCain (WAPO)
GOP Senators Reassess Views About McCain (WAPO)
One Day to Go (NYT Slide Show)

(image 1: Charles Dharapak/AP.  Feb. 2, 2008.  Chicago.  Via YahooNews.  image 2: Jim Young/Reuters.  February 3, 2008.  Connecticut.  Via YahooNews.  image 3: Richard Perry/The New York Times.  Feb. 4, 2008.  Nashville.  Via


Re: McCain - nice testaments to his vigor and vitality: carrying luggage, drinking coffee, Republican trophy wife....
Still, talking about some event that happened in his glory days 40 years ago makes him seem old to me.

this is for the post Sí Se Puede (For The Thousandth Time) which for some reason has vanished ?

Tom Engelhardt, is my major guide through this spectacle,

Let's face it, for media and candidates alike Primary 2008 has been Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Gladiator, The Apprentice ("You're fired!"), and American Idol rolled into one Who needs on-strike vendors of fiction when a teeming crew of stand-up pundits is eternally on hand to produce political fictions at a moment's notice?

Who needs on-strike vendors of fiction when a teeming crew of stand-up pundits is eternally on hand to produce political fictions at a moment's notice?

Caption for pic three:

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Massachusetts, probably in Tennessee — that says Who let the dogs out?"

"Speaking of dogs, did I ever tell you about my family vacation way back in …"

---thud. Zzzzzzzzz.

jt and jonst,

Sorry to pull the earlier post. Taking another look 5 hours later, I didn't like the spirit of it, and I didn't think it was that much about the imagery either. It happens.

Regarding BagMan's comment "going to be sick to death of McCain's war persona before you know it."

Is that Life magazine? Is it still published? Nobody I know gets it or talks about it. It's way back in the past.

It will be interesting to see how the old war stories play for McCain. It was a long, long, long time ago. And that makes McCain old/old/old. And the US lost that war. Different, but still it's like losing in Iraq. Sort of like losing in Afghanistan. Too many lies, too many lives lost. For what?

In talking about the glory days of Viet Nam, they will be trying to rewrite history. We need to be sure that doesn't happen.

Regarding Romney: it looks like he is being initiated into some kind of weird cult. And if he is with Santorum, it is in fact some kind of weird cult.

McCain IS rewriting history - Vietnam was lost because of the traitors in the media and the anti-war movement; we should have stayed in 'Nam until we won -just as we will do now in Iraq even if it takes 100 years.
And, no - Life magazine is no longer published. It is as obsolete as McCains tired old war stories.

From Wikipedia regarding the Forrestal incident:

A day or two after the Forrestal incident, McCain told New York Times reporter R. W. Apple, Jr. in Saigon that, "It's a difficult thing to say. But now that I've seen what the bombs and the napalm did to the people on our ship, I'm not so sure that I want to drop any more of that stuff on North Vietnam."

a b c R. W. Apple, Jr.. "Adm. McCain's son, Forrestal Survivor, Is Missing in Raid", The New York Times, 1967-10-28. Retrieved on 2007-11-11.

Question is will McCain's ambivelance about dropping Napalm on kids come back to bite him?

John (Napalm-Sticks-To-Kids) McCain, "More War, Less Jobs."


For anyone who cares, Life's latest/last incarnation as a weekend newspaper supplement just ceased publishing a month or so back.

"Vietnam was lost because of the traitors in the media and the anti-war movement; we should have stayed in 'Nam until we won -"

Won WHAT? A better today?

My father was aboard the USS Forrestal on it's day of firey fate..I have the tour book..
If dad was alive today, he would not vote for McCain.

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