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Mar 13, 2008

Old Ferraro CW: Glass Ceiling Hero. New CW: Trouble From The Beginning

July 23, 1984


Sep. 3, 1984

The problem started with a refusal to release her taxes.

Deriving financial benefit from her husband's real estate business but failing to disclose it put Ferraro on the wrong side of House of Representative rules.  There was also the issue of a loan from the family to her campaign in violation of FEC rules.  Everything got addressed, but these questions following Ferraro's Vice Presidential nomination cast her in a terribly awkward light, and raised early questions about her legitimacy as a number two.

What comes through, in retrospect, is how personally combative Ferraro is.  In light of her unapologetic racist comments directed at Obama, motivated by an apparent blind loyalty to Hillary, the second cover (as if, suddenly, the embodiment of Ferraro's character problems) supersedes the tarnished frame of the "Historic" first.

In spite of the headline, there is an ambiguity to the gesture because of the slightly relaxed thumb and the fact the hand is turned out rather than in.  Still -- paired with the impression we're getting an earful -- it remains a clenched fist.

Ferraro Is Unapologetic for Remarks and Ends Her Role in Clinton Campaign (NYT)
Four TIME Ferraro Covers (TIME)
Show and Tell (Sep. 03, 1984 - TIME)

(image 1: July '84 issue: Diana Walker.  image 2: Sep. 3, 1984 issue: Ted Thai)


Ferraro is one example of why the United States of America is in need of a black President at this time.

Perhaps after the election Geraldine Ferraro and Barbara Bush can host a conference at the Houston Astrodome to sort all these issues out...

Given the position of the hand in the second cover ... Geraldine Ferraro fights back ... like a girl.

The woman has gone off the rails. She should shut her mouth before she permanently damages her reputation.

ref : “BNN : Guilt By Association

TheClintons' moved their campaign into The Bunker about one week before Texas and Ohio, and now exhibits a full-blown Bunker Mentality : defensiveness - excessive sensitivity to criticism: “...his defensiveness was manifested not by self-reflection, but by a self-righteous projection of his now unbridled, naked aggressiveness; bitterness; and this pervasive sense not of failure, but betrayal — which permeated all who remained with him in The Bunker.

The only question now is whether still sane members of TheParty will allow TheClintons to "Burn Paris" and "flood the Berlin Underground" before those dwindling few who remain in TheBunker succeed in following their Leader to suicide destiny.

Remaining in The Bunker with TheClintons are die-hard, mid-20th century modern feminists, many of whom struggle to parse ‘Hillary’ from ‘TheClintons’ ~ ‘Bubba’ being THE iconic, ugly reminder of male betrayal ~ and a core constituency of blue-collar/red-necked white men, who will pull the "D" lever in knee-jerk reflex response to any candidate so presumptuous as to wear TheParty's mantle of their Leader. Not unlike the ~30% or so Americans who remain enamored to ‘Dubya’, we have to wonder: What does it take? What does it take to see reality, and bust through these delusions of blind faith?

@M. Gonzo:

I do not mean to offend, as I enjoy your remarks and sense of humor, but as English is obviously not your native language and this is a blog devoted to analysis of visual style, you might want to give this a look-see.

"English is obviously not your native language..."
Surely you jest.

( he's just a wordy old birdy, wannabee Gertie Gertie, bull-dyke, darlin' ;-)

I suspect that Geraldine is suggesting about Obama what was a reality for her...just a token. Too bad she is so bitter.

Like those "values" voters who will vote for any scalawag who promises to outlaw abortion, there are feminists of a certain age who have been fighting the good fight for so long they have lost focus on the passing parade. They are so deep in the feminist causes that they cannot see what has happened to our Constitution and our country in the past decade. Their outrage at a black MAN daring to snatch their victory from their grasp is like that of the ostrich suddenly looking up from the sand to discover a lion ready to pounce.

Ferraro could as well have blamed Bush for Obama's success as Obama's color. If the tragedy of Katrina had not led to the loss of so many and so much in New Orleans, had the entire country not been so horrified, would Obama have been so successful in the totally white states? I think the double tragedies of (1) Katrina and its aftermath led to paying attention to Obama and (2) the bizarre and vicious divisive politics by the Bush administration, combined to make American voters receptive to his message. We are hungry for someone who seems to be able to bring black and white, poor and middle class, white collar and blue collar, all together. The question is, is that feeling strong enough to last and survive the onslaught of the spoilers, hate-mongers and racists.

The point is that, just like Hillary, Geraldine is pointing to others for her failures.

She refused to release her tax information??

This must be the advice she's giving Hillary. As I recall, it didn't work out so great the first time around...

The Sept. 3 cover doesn't look like someone fighting back. It looks like someone resting her left elbow on a lectern or table (look at the tilt of the shoulders). It's a casual pose, not a fighting stance.

... questions about her legitimacy as a number two.

After her recent comments on race there are no more questions ... she is a number two, no doubt.


I've heard Ferarro's words (or substantially similar ones) from the mouths of 'liberals' of my aquaintance. It was shocking to hear them from someone who should know how to wear the appropriate non-racist mask in public.

Ferraro is not a dummy, however, (not in the literal sense, at any rate) and Clinton is not a ventriloquist.
I don't hold Clinton responsible for Ferraro's remarks any more than I hold Obama responsible for his pastor's.

ref : “ Mrs. Geraldine Ferraro -V- Rev. Jeremiah Wright

imho This is a fascinating example of a type of propaganda that invites people to derive a "moral equivalence" conclusion between two images that look, and/or sound "the same" : the ‘equivalence’, presumed is based on a logical Fallacy, unapparent; it can be an effective way to con people into ignoring their own moral compass, by misleading the common sense of two different images, each having the same message, apparent.

The logical fallacy is that when we look at two images that express the same message [e.g., ‘bigotry’], we presume the two images depict two subjects: "A" -versus- "B" being apparently alike, "A" = "B", thus. From two such images, alone ~ when the context that drives our moral compass is not present in either image, it is not apparent to the viewer: that one image may be a subject = subjugator, while the other image is of an object = objector; that images of these subjects and of these objects are in context connected by a verb . . .

. . . subjects like "A" -victimize- objects like "B".

That both are bigots is without doubt. Without the context of cause and effect, that many people will draw a "moral equivalence" conclusion between two negative images, is often successful propaganda, for some subjects.

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