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Mar 25, 2008

Kerry-McCain '02 (Or:The McCain Slouch)


This shot leads off yesterday's NYT story about two instances in which McCain seriously entertained hooking up with the Dems.  Apparently, Mac -- after having been beaten (up) by Bush for the nomination -- actively explored switching sides in '01.  And in '04, he initiated discussions regarding running as Kerry's V.P.

The file photo selected to illustrate the story shows McCain and Kerry meeting with the press in '02 to discuss car mileage standards.

For all we know, the subject of gas could have also accounted for McCain's body language.  On the other hand, I'm wondering if the shot might capture the quality of resistance.  Besides failing to engage with Kerry in conversation, McCain -- given his pushed back and prone position -- also fails to lend himself normally to the chair.  And then, when your only job in a photo op is to play the game, McCain seems to intentionally defeat the moment by, instead, offering a stare to the cameras.

Again, the photo could simply be an innocent out take, with McCain -- known to be hampered by long-standing war-related injuries -- in the midst of a physical adjustment.  But then, what is captured here might, as well, represent a moment of alienation or resistance in the oft-described "maverick" McCain -- an element in his behavioral tendency to suddenly and dramatically go the other way.

Two McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned (NYT)

(image: Dennis Cook/AP.  Washington.  2002.  via


I know you try not to compare McCain to Bush but this photo totally reminds me of the sloucher in chief. By the current, drastically lowered standards of the presidency, McCain looks here to be quite presidential.

In this picture McCain looks llike a teenager trapped into a conversation with dad.


McCain's flirting with becoming a Democrat - HA HA HA...

He and Joe the C*cksucker Lieberman can form their own damn party and call it "Screw the citizens and their damn constitutional government".

This slouch is great. Discussing fuel standards, huh, John? F THAT.
Tomorrow he'll be prancing around painting his hair green to show us how environmentally sensitive he is. Or setting villages on fire to clear the way for new off shore prison complexes - whichever will make him look best that week.

Principled? I can't even believe they can get that frame to stick. The guy who's famous for being tortured has refused to stick to his own stance on anti-torture for god's sake.

When did brave, war-hero maverick turn to petulent, male-menopaused queen?

To me this photo was about how boring Kerry could be.

I put in my own captions to this one a few days ago:

To me this photo was about how boring Kerry could be.

There was a time when government was boring. The bills had numbers, not spiffy names, the representatives could put you sleep in seconds by talking policy. That was *good* government and I miss it.

Oh, my God! McCain has swallowed the walnuts he usually keeps in his cheeks, and is obviously choking on them because, as this photo reveals, they have become lodged in his goiter!

Won't someone please save the old man!

He looks like a 16year old brat.

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