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Mar 01, 2008

Last Minute Shadow Of Doubt



With Obama potentially on the verge of the nomination, it seems a bit of a fear meme has crept into the media narrative.  In light of a steady stream of "aura inspiring" images which have been regular newswire fare for at least the past month (exemplified by the top shot above), the new TIME cover represents a decided turn.

MIrroring yesterday's Clinton "red phone" ad, challenging voters to question the well being of their children in the hands of such an unknown factor as Obama, TIME's cover visual for the "son of Super Tuesday" edition, as well, casts Obama as an anonymous figure who is more apt to stifle illumination.

Although the accompanying article has more balance to it, questioning how much to weigh experience as a presidential criteria, especially in relation to character, when it comes to the cover pic -- and the possibility Obama might become the true hope after Tuesday -- this image leaves us fumbling in the dark.

Does Experience Matter in a President? (TIME)
'Red phone' response could decide Texas (Politico)
Red Phone video (at

(image 1: Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters. San Marcos, Texas February 27, 2008. via YahooNews.  image 2: Alex Brandon/AP. 2007.  TIME Cover. Mar. 10, 2008.


Obama's aura or Time ponders the paranormal.

that phone is ringing again ~

The TIME cover has a certain deer in the headlights aspect to it, with us sitting in the back seat only able to watch hoping Obama does the right thing.

I suppose you've arrived if everyone knows you from behind. Is this a statement on leadership, he's out in front of us followers? Maybe. Is it intended to be a statement on leadership? I don't know. Maybe not.

I find this image quite compelling; a study, in mostly black, of lines that separate but seemly don't divide. I'm thinking of monoliths.

This is a disturbing picture. It looks like an eclipse of the moon, which used to signal the arrival of something unnatural. It evokes fear. Time is in the tank for the Clintons.

He has a halo like he can do no wrong.

It is an ominous image, and makes Obama look vulnerable. And, what is this nonsense about "experience?" All a President has to do is show strength as a personality, have a fair amount of charisma, and be able to inspire the country to follow him, using some kind of ideas which connect to their lives. Every President learns on the job. There is not Presidential training academy that I know of. The constant meme about "experience" is a political bad trick, and means nothing. Hillary has no more experience than Obama, except sleeping with a President, and, apparently, not often enough to keep him out of bed with other ladies.

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