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Mar 25, 2008

The Dynamics Of Tuzla


Obviously, visuals can be highly damaging to a candidate, such as the mild images of Hillary at the Tuzla airport after she spoke of being greeted by gunfire.  However, we don't often break down why.  In this case:

1.  The latter shot evokes the image of the threatened young children asleep in Clinton's 3AM "Who Can You Rely On?" ad.  What the Tuzla imbroglio does is to raise the question whether Hillary -- upon receipt of that 3 AM call -- wouldn't have trouble accurately interpreting the level of danger to these young innocents.

2.  These pictures uncover something of a paranoid streak.  The "dramatically non-threatening" scenes undermine the argument Hillary makes that she is constantly under enemy attack.

3.  Whereas Chelsea has emerged this year in the role of Hillary's soul-sister, as well as someone who reinforces and insulates the campaign on the gender front, these visuals also call Chelsea's integrity into question, and make her seem more like a political prop.

4.  Hillary's over-dramatization of danger in a conflict setting can't help but bring to mind her validation of George Bush's over-dramatization of the threat of Iraqi WMD, and her consequent support of the Iraq war resolution.

5.  The Tuzla images start to unwind a great deal of campaign work designed to frame Hillary as the more experienced candidate.  In a curious line in the original CBS report in '96, reporter Cheryl Atkinson says: "Mrs. Clinton ... is well aware that she risks looking like she is trying to do the President's job."  In the present context, these photos reinforce Clinton as the ambitious former first lady far more than potential Commander-in-Chief.

Embellished Memory (Newsweek)
CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip (CBS via YouTube)
1996 Clinton Bosnia Trip (CBS News via YouTube)

(images: CBS. March 25, 1996. via YouTube)


One can only wonder what Chelsea must think of her mother's lying, since she was also there. Will she be one of those people who have to run back into the house repeatedly to be sure that she turned off the stove?

Over the last few weeks I have come to dislike Hillary for good reason. Before that it was just the hair on the back of my neck. Now we all see what a vicious person she can be when lashing out at enemies, imaginary, real or perceived. It must be very difficult for her true believers to stick with her after all of this. But then, I suppose they are in a sort of protective coven of their own.

Her response to this and other 'stories' in which she's been caught was remarkably similar to the Darth attitude: So? I made a mistake, I'm only human, bite me.

The longer this campaign (if by campaign one means feces flying through the air)drags on, the more I'm beginning to think that Hillary is merely a stalking horse for Bill and that once ensconced in the oval office, Bill will take over and pat Hillary on the......whatever.

ref : “One can only wonder what ‘Chelsea’ must think . . .

So successful have TheClintons been at branding their daughter : l'enfant ‘Chelsea’, that the 28 year-old woman, ‘Ms. Clinton’, (Stanford, Chemistry / pre-med curriculum then History ~ thesis: "The 1988 Belfast Agreement"; Masters at Oxford, International Relations; business internship McKinsey & Co.; now ‘Analyst’ at Avenue Capital, a hedge fund), does not exist.

So accustomed we are to not really knowing Ms. Clinton, while embracing all these illusions that we believe we know about herself as actually being this product ~ that brand ‘Chelsea’ of product-line TheClintons is universally understood to mean something real. MadameGonzo, fwiw, fascinated by American culture ~ wryly refers to her as : ‘TheChelsea’, for this reason.

“‘TheChelsea’ character exists as a l'enfant naif self, chaste inside an aura of unwritten rules.”

Though a student of History, she has no family history ~ that she, herself can tell us about ~ because to ask not about her real self is one of the unwritten rules of being brand ‘Chelsea’. She becomes (to us) entirely existential, thus; a construct of styling cues defines her Self as being like this or like that somesuch Other, whith which we are presumed to be familiar.

We do not really see, can never fully realize Her; Rather, we perceive how she, ‘TheChelsea’ performs her rôle, and believe that this aplomb apparent is how she, the woman Ms. Clinton "must be" in real life; And by association (which is the commercial purpose of product brand ‘Chelsea’) who TheClintons are.

One can only wonder what the being Ms. Clinton must think about not really being ‘Chelsea’.

Yet (some) sharp questions must I shun;
Must separate (a child's poem ) from the (snipers gun)
O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive

thanks, Sir. Walter, from j(Scott)tfromBC

But really, hasn't a toll been taken on all 'first children?' From FDR's children on all seem to have been stamped with some black mark if they were young enough to have lived through those white house years with their parents. Even some adults succumb, as Margaret Truman surely had her life path changed in unplanned ways. Reagan's were screwed up before he obtained office, so they don't really count. We've already seen some evidence that the current occupant's spawn (even though already adults) may have some problems. Only one of Jimmy Carter's children (Amy) was a child during his presidency and she seems to have survived well. But then Carter himself has been an exceptional former president.

It seems to me, at this late hour, only Caroline Kennedy seems to have escaped the mark of presidential fathers. She has assiduously avoided the intrusions of the press until Obama brought her out to public life. I have little doubt that she will, after the elections, return to quiet life with her family.

public relations lesson learned by relatives of public performers . . .

MontyPython => How Not to be Seen

Hillary has gone through the Media Smear Meisters machine for the past fifteen years or so, but seems always to attract those premier first line Journalist, contextual mercenaries that demonize the Democrats, like Chris Mathews, Limbaugh, Hannity, the list is too long. But, it all sells commercial time which is important.

The Clinton administration was nothing like the time America is witnessing today. Now, an endless war in Iraq or hundred years which do you prefer, uncharted economics paralleled to actions taken during the depression. A Federal Reserve that glows like the “Doctor Do Little Movie” we’ve never seen anything like this. Diesel now is more than gas.

And a Mainstream Media supporting all this as not too bad. This Bush era is just as good as the Clinton era discounting the four thousand combat troops killed in action in Iraq compared to almost none lost in Bosnia. Here the media only concerned that Hillary lied about sniper fire which is usually always true in a free fire zone no matter how many kids or civilians are in the back ground videos they were all warned. Hell everyone who goes to an American football game or political rally is exposed to a terrorist attack. Let alone the air field in some combat zone across the world.

For me, trying to find out more about Obama in his book “Audacity of Hope” Just about finished reading it. Here, it has many passages that are as controversial as his Reverend Wright friend although not talked about. This ideal that Obama is not Islamic or has absolutely no affinity to Islam is brought forward by Obama himself in the last chapter page 315.

Get this, Obama makes the claim that Islamic Law is the more traditional principles of social organization. Did you get that America.

Strikingly, other countries that reject American efforts should follow their own path turning to more traditional principles of social organization, like Islamic law.

Sheesh, Islamic law, more traditional principles of social organization. What happened to the Christian stuff???

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