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Mar 13, 2008

Your Turn: Move Over SNL

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Is Barry Blitt's Hillary/Obama/red phone New Yorker cover that obvious or not?  How much is it editorializing about the politics, as opposed to hypothesizing about the potential scenario itself?  And, with the kind of racial and gender tension this campaign is stirring up, what do you make of the bedfellows analogy?

All lurkers and new readers especially welcome.

(illustration: New Yorker Cover. March 17, 2008 by Barry Blitt)


Looks like a glimpse into John McCain's nightmare.

The phone being on her side of the bed suggests that Hillary is president, thus relegating Barack to the role of vice president.

It would have been a more accurate commentary to show her in bed with John McCain.

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I have always been and will remain a huge fan of The New Yorker's cartoons.

That cover is funny as hell.

Hillary to Barack: "It's for you."

It would have been a more accurate commentary to show her in bed with John McCain.

Indeed it would.

When the phone rang for our sitting President it was 9am on a Tuesday morning. He was busy reading a book so he let the answering machine pick up.

What a lovely couple, whose bedtime fun & games are being interrupted by a stupid phone call from their presidential campaigns at a crazy hour in the morning.

Actually, it would be much better if they'd shown Barack Obama in bed with Joe Lieberman. Now there are two peas in a pod!

Hillary picks up the phone and a sexy woman's voice asks, "Is Bill there?"

I think it's brilliant - Despite all the fighting between the candidates: all the supposedly major ethical, tactical, and experiential differences the media yelps about, the truth is they are both politicians. They are already in bed together. I don't care who answers the phone. I want to know it's not bugged and the bills are paid.

Interesting that they chose to go with the 1930's Dreyfuss telephone instead of the 1950's model that exists in the public consciousness as the famous "red telephone." It seems like a jarringly anachronistic choice to me, but I guess including the more modern piece of gadgetry would have upset the natural order of things at the New Yorker.

Both are poised to grab the phone upside-down. The cord running out of the receiver is towards the left, so whichever of them grabs it is likely to have the receiver in their ear, unless they do some awkward juggling. Probably an unintended feature of the piece, but it has the effect of making both look overhasty.

"anachronism," indeed, Tuffy! the Grandfather Clock; Colonial furniture; the type fonts...

...all weirdly evocative of The 1930's : Not a time scene then without any crises, to be sure; Rather a time seen now as blissful ignorance (?) ie., a complacent place to be, in this myth, when there was just old war, before even coldwar; before The Red Phone = hotline became iconic of our best hope for a reasonable response to the world's worst nightmare ~ the reality of push-button War, and planetary catastrophe.

imho, the irony of this image is that it is not a Green Phone, yet, that rings for this oldwar generation ~ warning of Global Warming, and planetary catastrophe.

The dilemma of this image, is that both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are reaching for the phone: “What do you think : what are we going to do ~ about that?

The message of this image, is “our dilemma”.

They both want to get their hands on the presidency, but the phone is on her side of the bed, but why does she still have her makeup on? can it be that she was out catting around.

I thought the cover was funny and affectionate. The bed in they're in together is the Democratic Party. Or else it's the Center Left bed. Nothing conspiratorial or dark there. It's just early 21st American politics.

When he, she or they get to the White House, they will move the center farther left. (Where it distinctly needs to go.)

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