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Apr 29, 2008

Afghan Update: A Running Metaphor


(widen browser for full size)

I wish this image was more difficult to analyze (and was less of a metaphor for the current state of the GWOT)...

U.S. takes on Afghanistan.  U.S. takes eye off ball.  President Karzai reduced to mayor of Kabul.  Afghan soldiers scatter at national military parade during weekend assassination attempt on "the mayor."

Karzai Escapes Attack in Kabul by Gunmen (NYT)

(image: Massoud Hossaini/Agence France-Presse—Getty Images.  April 7, 2008.  Kabul.  via


Shades of the Grand Game, empire extending her reach to barren Asian plateaus. Two things leap out of that image: the formal uniforms in what appears to be battle, and mass running foot soldiers. This is a scene from the Great War, a spirited charge across No Mans Land.

Until now we'd managed the stasis of trench warfare without actually having to pick up a shovel.

Where are the men?
Ready to defend Karzai?
The first impulse? That photo shot could not have been taken right away...the distance ran is not that short... it is a wide scatter for enough time to show that there is lack of allegiance to Afghan government and to Karzai.
Now will it be read that way by US and NATO? Wake up!

Looks like the Ruritanian Army at the beach.

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