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Apr 08, 2008

Betray Us II


This handy image was floating around the newswire this AM, showing McNasty last September going off about the MoveOn General Betray Us ad.  Wearing his NAVY hat against the stars-and-stripes while clutching tight to his cue cards, McCain used the piece of paper as a simple, black-and-white example of sedition.

Let's look, again, at this image-within-an-image which the Repubs threw back at the ad's title.  It shows Petraeus in the halls of Congress, occupying the same background we've come to associate with high elected representatives.  In it, Petraeus is framed as an authoritative spokesman for the government, a warrior who has conquered that body with his words, and by the symbolism and authority of his uniform, has overwhelmed the Capitol.
Forget for a moment that Petraeus and the Administration have undermined the Pentagon's chain-of-command and implemented its own insurgent force within the Pentagon.  The inset image demonstrates that, by way of the executive and media authority vested in the General, Petraeus -- the political foot solider for the White House -- ultimately trumps the Congress (hearings, or no hearings) when it comes to the occupation.

There's another element to this image, however, that hold even stronger bearing on today's hearing.  With McCain, Clinton and Obama scheduled to question Petraeus, look how McCain, microphone in hand (and beyond the distraction of the MoveOn move), holds up the general as his own prop.  If you take a look at this morning's NYT image showing McCain and his strategists hatching strategy around today's testimony, it's easier to see how much the hearing represents more political theatre than anything else, with all three presidential contenders -- scoring points here, but taking tactical caution not to go too far over there -- are using Petraeus for their ends, as much as Petraeus is using Congress for his.

4:15 PM EST/Update: Case in point... with pretty picture of BHO: Iraq Hearings Rife With Political Overtones

(image: Brett Flashnick/AP.  September 15, 2007.  Florence, S.C.  via YahooNews)


Petraeus, "progress in Iraq is uneven, fragile and reversible" He constantly referred to AQI and Iran meddling, closing four hours of senate hearings stating we would be letting down the 4000 soldiers who died if forces were withdrawn prematurely.

Guess who saw, a genuine prospect of success in Iraq and warned that defeat could require U.S. troops to return in a broader war. "We're no longer staring into the abyss of defeat and we can now look ahead to the genuine process of success," McCain said.

When I think of this Move On campaign, I don't think it was very clever, but I do think it represents free speech. McCain holding up this sign and no doubt bashing Move On, along with all liberals as traitors, just says to me that "My Friends, isn't it just awful how these liberals think they can say what they think?"

I'm so sick of all these lying, cheating, incompetent, smug, lying, frat-boys who are destroying our country for their own enjoyment. Someday, after a couple of margaritas, I'll tell you what I really think of them.

Petraeus is no MacArthur. [Even MacArthur was no MacArthur when it came to the presidency.] Just the fact that The W keeps him on is to destroy his bona-fides. He only got his position because all the "good" generals resigned or got fired for doing their job. Now we are stuck with this beribboned, uniformed, hollow-man who wants to be president so badly that he will front for The W without batting an eyelash.

NEW RULE: No one running for president of the USofA will be allowed to wear a baseball type cap, no matter what it says on the brim or cap.

And did anyone notice McCain's 'finger' holding the papers?

Petraeus should be removed for using his uniform politically. Bush and Cheney should be removed for treason. Rice should be removed by the mercy rule. And while I'm on this roll, Doug Feith and Fred Kagan should be fitted for muzzles out of respect for the country.

Title role in the biopic, "The John McCain Story," should go to Richard Dreyfuss.

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