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Apr 15, 2008

Sights And Symbols Of Silly Season: Lapel Edition




"So, it's on, but does it stay on?  What do you say, Tim?" (or Margaret, or Charlie).
"Well, Keith (or Chris, or Brian), since it was a gift, he can get mileage from putting it on, but then, staying true to his "
false patriotism" position, he can also take it off again."
"Well Joe, We'll have to see what FOX has to say."
"Did you say FOX, David?  Are they still on the air?"

Yes, stay tuned.

Obama dons flag pin once again (CNN)
Obama Dropped Flag Pin in War Statement (ABC)

(screen shots: CNN)


Egad. I think this is worthy of at least several hundred minutes of coverage and plenty 'o round table "debate" come Sunday. This will be a calculated anti-bitterness pill, set on the Wright Stuff scale opposite the Tuzla dead weight. What won't show up is policy, judgment, or leadership qualities because those have nothing to do with getting elected anymore.

He put it one the LEFT side! You know what that means!!!

As we've seen with native African dress and bowling, the guy is not afraid to try something new in front of the cameras. Flag pin? Let's try it on, see how it looks. Hey, that's not so bad.

Runs counter to received pundit wisdom that rigidity is a trait to breed for.

I tend toward the Bill Maher "Show me a guy with a flag pin in his lapel and I'll show you an asshole" observation. Maybe I'll back off, be a little more flexible and accepting. It doesn't hurt.

Superficiality for sure, but who could it hurt?
It is a powerful symbolism and that points out to? Sell out? To conformity? But, after all who does it hurt?
The perception after all is that Obama is no different from the rest and will do anything, to achieve his goal...
What were the thoughts before that lapel got the flag pin?
Was it patriotism?
Was it change of heart? or
Was the motive compromise... and that, may be the suspect in the end.
How much compromise is he willing to do? Will the blind trust be betrayed?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. What's really interesting as Some Guy and Black Dog Barking point out is how many hours will the cleptomedia waste on this and yet not a single minute of in depth discussions on policy or how the Bush administration is literally getting away with murder.

What's really depressing is reading the comments at the CNN story - the utterly ludicrous significance some of the commentors put on this silly little incident, going in both directions, either pro or anti Obama.

People, please! why the are you letting yourselves be distracted by this?

It's hard to know how putting the pin on at this point might work. Two very different readings might present themselves --

-- that guy will do anything

-- or, it could work as a sort of "humiliation ritual," a sign of willingness to learn, to accept some mortification on the path to redemption.

futurebird: ?

Anyway I think I shall choose to like the mechanics of how Obama did this lapel flag thing. He wouldn't do it because the Punditocracy hammered him for months. He wouldn't do it because the Republicans denounced him. He eventually did it because a guy in the audience asked nicely. "This is the kind of campaign Obama is running..."

This is a much more interesting matter than some "plan" he might bring forward, which would take an incredibly sophisticated knowledge of economics for people to evaluate, anyway. He has been very stubborn on some things -- not throwing over rev. Wright, for one. But this is an odd change of position. It may seem a small matter, but I think it shows a lack of conviction. If he thought those pins signalled a phony patriotism, he should have stuck to that. And if not, what was he trying to convey by refusing to wear one for so long?

Hey! How do we know the sequence wasn't rigged? Switch the first and last picture, and he's taking the pin off.

Democrats should not run away from patriotic symbols. There is nothing inherently sinister about clearly identifying with the American flag.

How seriously far we are removed from real news when a piece of symbolic jewellery takes over the endless, mindless, yabbering mouth breathers on the tubes....

Perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought Obama said that a veteran in a wheelchair gave it to him and asked him to wear it, so he did. If true, I have no argument with that, and it shows Obama's compassion and ability to separate the false patriotism and screeching of the M$M from a sincere interest in people. I noticed that he was not wearing it today when he was talking to a group.

I would like to see him wear a Constitution pin, made in AMERICA, by Americans, for Americans. That's one pin I would also wear, just as I carry a copy of the Constitution in my purse.

the flag pin is a manufactured controversy , created to smear Obama , PERIOD . Contrived by cable infotainment channels , just like the huge banner below Obama campaign speech on CNN , that says " Tough enough ? " Something they would NEVER say about McCain .

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