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Apr 04, 2008

The Frat Boy He's Been All Along


It's a cheap shot in a way, because the larger percentage of NATO newswire pics actually show Junior hanging all over his counterparts, and generally chumming it up.

So, why does this picresonate so much?  (Here's a variant of the above, by the way, at dependable renegage.)

It's because Bush, as telegraphed by the years worth of lip-biting, never was never up to a field like this.  What is more illuminating to me about the NATO Summit pics, however, are the many more shots of Dubya letting down his guard -- yes, Rove's ill-fitting dream for you, Pork Rind, is almost over! -- exposing the frat-boy he's been all along.



And then, on the subject
of isolation, there's this
from the archive.

(h/t Sue, Shepard)  (image 1: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. NATO Summit. Bucharest. April 4, 2008. image 2: Bogdan Cristel/Reuters.  April 3, 2008. image 3: Francois Lenoir/Reuters. April 3, 2008.  via YahooNews)


Picture 1: Everybody's looking down at their (or their neighbor's) shoes, wondering where that smell is coming from. Bush hopes nobody realizes it's him who stepped in the dogshit.

All of the others seem to be avoiding him, but what the hell is Bush doing? He's all alone, but center stage. He's not mingling with the other players or trying to connect at all -- just, hum de dum... twiddling his frickin thumbs.

What a crappy leader.

I spent some time looking for, but could not find, a previous BAG post, I think it was the OAS, where The W attended and insisted on being in the middle for the group shot but no one wanted to be with him.....This reminds me of that.

Once again, he doesn't play well with others. He doesn't know what to do with his hands and is left standing, totally ignored by the others in the sandbox, while they chat on about current events; and probably in a language The W cannot understand. I'm sure he's the only one who doesn't speak 2 or 3 languages. Hell, he doesn't even speak English!

In the second shot, he's totally in his own world laughing at some naked reverie oblivious to the serious goings on around him. Way over his head.

In the world of diplomacy and foreign leaders, he is still the little kid who pee'd in his pants.

Commander in Chief
Guilty of commiting War Crimes!
Guilty of Tortures and Renditions!
Guilty of Subversion of US Constitution!
When will they learn? do more than to assist!

Bush in his cowboy boots.

Stepped into the dogshit again (great comment Puka).

Smirk on face.

Mind lost and wandering.

Picture of the Bush Presidency.

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