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Apr 19, 2008

The Wimp Factor-y


As many of you know, it was pictorial nonsense like this in '04 that stimulated The BAG to adopt its current mission.

With honorary lifetime seats in the swiftboat, the visual media continues to pick at Kerry's bones.  In this case, however, the sallow, ducking, baggy-eyed, over-lit Senator is not just beaten up again, but offered up as the model for his potential wimp-successor.

It's not that "Obama is starting to look more like Kerry," however, so much as "The Factory" is starting up its own campaign to make it look that way.

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(image: Dita Alangkara/AP. From: Newsweek. April 17, 2008.


Update: April 20, '08: More Kerrying On


Two days after Newsweek tied Obama to Kerry in their on-line lead under the headline "The Wimp Factor," they are back at it.

Forty-eight hours before the Pennsylvania primary, Newsweek reinforces the association with a home page feature titled: "The Surrogates."  In this case, Newsweek juxtaposes Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell with Kerry when the the logical pairing, giving the battle of Pennsylvania surrogates, would have paired Rendell with Obama's most prominent Pennsylvania advocate, Senator Bob Casey.

It's true that Kerry is campaigning this weekend for Obama in Western PA, targeting Catholic voters.  Still, he is only one of a handful of prominent surrogates stumping the state, and his effort has not been highlighted by any other major media.  In the meantime, Ted Kennedy and several others are also working the turf right now.

Looking at natural juxtapositions, this Sunday's news shows feature Ed Rendell vs. Bob Casey (Face the Nation); Mayor Michael Nutter vs. PA Representative Chaka Fattah as well as Bill Bradley for Obama vs. Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey (CNN’s “Late Edition”) and Dick Durbin (for Obama) vs. Charles Schumer (“Fox News Sunday”).

Visually, it's interesting how Rendell is shown in full declaration while Kerry stares into space with his mouth hidden beneath the title screen.  By the way, did I mention that the first article listed under the lead above is titled: "Can Obama Repel 'Swift Boat'-Style Attacks?"

(also, notice prominent Kerry-Obama pic leading Surrogates article: Obama or Clinton: Which Candidate Can Best Take On McCain? (Newsweek)
Obama: Can’t ‘Swift Boat’ Me (Newsweek)

(images: AP)


And if he decides it's time to be more negative and aggressive, they'll have Malcom X or someone on the cover and it'll be all Angry Black Radical.

Sure, 'we' liked Kerry, but no one really loved him, and I believe that fact alone changes the dynamics this time. A great many people (a clear majority of Americans) are truly inspired by Obama, and will revolt at such an obvious smear campaign, just look at the visceral reaction to Thursday's debate debacle.

Let's be clear: this is what the Republicans and the media do to their opposition. They are far too invested in these tactics to stop now, and nothing we can do will change that today. However, we can continue to shine the light on their shadowy behavior, and in so doing help sow the seeds of their own demise tomorrow. Both are dinosaurs, increasingly out of touch with the needs and wishes of the American people. We are starving for something real, something substantial, something meaningful, and we see it taking shape in Obama's candidacy.

That is why they must take him down, but so far it seems to only makes him (and us) stronger.

If the junior senator from Illinois refuses to oblige the higher powers with an authentic Dean Scream™ then those powers are perforce obliged to manufacture one. Wimp factor? Hey, try it out. If it doesn't work we may have to go with metrosexual. Time's running out folks. Let's find something.

Wimp factor with a little rambling,

Reflecting to some of the post debate analysis across the board, just as Obama seems to express the ideal to brush off the questions of his own personal character, Mainstream Media first line Journalist press on in support of ABC’s penetrating want for more grim, and smear in character discussions. The Mainstream first line Journalist Simply brush off public opinion and amplify the so called differences as negative campaigning constantly leaning towards it ideals destruction of the Democratic party will be eminent at the convention. Yes, indeed here we have those first lines Journalist embedded in the Iraq war for over five years reporting confusion to America now looking in the magic crystal ball of politics and see doom and gloom for Democrats.

Isn’t it incredible how deep and proportionate Americas Mainstream Media is clinging to Obama’s Mother and father and relations to racist radicals painting the picture of Reverend Wright as an angry America patriot with video’s widely distributed for years. Or worse, un-American. If Mainstream Media ever went into stuff like that with George Bush, with ties and business relations with the Bin laden family, considered the primer financers of Al Qaeda, and the radical of Islam the Wahabbi, do you really think America would be were it is at today? Probability not. So, Mainstream Media obviously is in close if not complete complicity with the very enemy George Bush has been with for decades. My God the banking method of bungling is pronounced in Bear Stearns and others so absurd with uncertainty beyond what America called the last depression.

The whole imbalance gushes with a Mainstream Media, especially CNBC the money channel connection powered by Allen Greenspan of former Federal Reserve Board Chairman privy to trillion dollars decisions, admittedly saying he saw an accident taking shape ready to happen is extraordinary. All the while as he stands in the storm of legal profiteering and instant funding for the few his wife Andrea Michael with audacity of greed, and a huge bias of opinion shapes political commentary to America on MSNBC with Chris Mathews. Something bitter here which Obama knows and is a coward to bring forward to change. A striking video clip we may never see again was presented by one of the anchor hosts on CNBC money channel by Kudlow, get this he calls Obama Black Power Lite. IMUS got fired for similar stuff or is the media getting bullet proof, or is Obama really a wimp not to call him on that.

What are played out today in open Mainstream Media to America are precious and a wonderful example how the distortion of reality really is. When Colbert had Chris Mathews on his show interviews Mathews, and here declared himself as a possible candidate for the Senate seat to replace Arlen Specter in Congress. The political Knuckle ball’s that have been thrown by Chris Mathews now are wildly apparent and obvious. Chris Mathews is no fan of the Democratic Party. From my perspective Arlen Specter has been portrayed as a political nice guy when in fact Arlen is the Specter, the real political levee for long time profiteering and legislative mangling.

In "Advice for Geraldine on her Miscellaneous Birthday," Bob Dylan wrote, "do not fall in trap of criticizing people who do nothing else but criticize."

Obama has avoided that trap, suggesting that for him the high road is more than a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, his less-principled opponents have realized that makes him like the kid on the playground who will endure bullying and never hit back.

Catfood, Dylan's recognized talents with music and words derive from keen powers of observation. I wish I'd known of and taken this advice to heart long ago. Better late than never.

Not long ago there was a post here at the BAG about Obama and Ali. Don't want to get all sports metaphor-y but a major reason Sonny Liston is flat on his back in that poster is that he exhausted himself throwing hard punches straight into Ali's face, punches that the soon-to-be champion avoided by moving quickly back, just barely out of reach. The cumulative effect of those blows thrown and avoided was to both disarm and exhaust Liston. He was defeated by the same aggressive skills that he'd used to become heavyweight champ.

black dog barking, I hope your Ali/Liston analogy is correct. As I recall, after Liston wore himself out, a crushing right-hook was still required to usher in the Sandman. Also, Ali probably would have had a tougher time dodging simultaneous blows thrown by dozens of opponents.

An apt analogy for the role the MSM is playing in this campaign might be the movie "Willard." Imagine thousands of rats, each taking a little bite.

Uh, huh, so Dems are either "angry" or "wimps", while Republican candidates get served coffee and doughnuts, with sprinkles, of course!

We get it, Newsweek, we get it.

Apropos the Dean Scream, Wolf Blitzer played the clip of Hillary at the Alliance of American Manufacturers, omitting the jeers and taunts of the audience. Makes a huge difference, of course, and so easy for CNN to present to unsuspecting viewers. At least, sending Wolf a negative comment is easy for viewers.

Speaking as a constituent, I think he's a really great Senator. You should expect him to be around for quite a while, at least 3 more terms.

New Yorkers are famous for not knowing what goes on outside of their little collection of boroughs. Those who have come from the other 49, even if still in contact with family, quickly forget there is an Iowa or a Kansas. They have become insular, talking only to each other, sometimes just to themselves. When a black man wins in Iowa, they think it's great because they have something new to blather about for a few days. But really, and c'mon, how seriously are they supposed to take that. Just a blip on the campaign radar.

And just like that......with no further warning, Obama is the leading candidate. This could be serious. They have no idea what to expect because they haven't been paying attention. They've been busy swooning over a REAL presidential candidate, McBushhhhh. Now they must put that uppity boy in his place. Of course, they can't refer to race, so they have to use all the other innuendos in their arsenal.

I just have the feeling that something has awakened in the mind of the public. At least 2/3 of them. They have finally had enough and it has opened their eyes. They are fed up with the Bushies and if the M$M isn't careful, it will be as hated and marginalized as The W is. Already there is evidence that newspaper readership is way, way down. It would seem that the average American has had to choose who they hate the most, the media or politicians. In this fight, it looks like advantage politicians.

Those of us who've watched the disappearance of the independent media over the past 20 years are saddened but not surprised. The M$M has Wright's "damn America" sentence on the loop, but they dare not play the rest of his speeches, because they cannot deny the truths. Yet nary a reference to McBushhhhh calling his wife the 'c' word in front of reporters.

As to why Obama doesn't fight back. I think it's like getting shot with 100 buckshot pellets. He can't respond to all and must pick his fights. Some help his campaign, others just drag it down into silliness. Which, of course, is what Stephy was doing, just pounding away at silliness. Obama reminds me of one of my tennis heroes: Arthur Ashe. As a southern black kid on the tennis courts of VA, he had to develop a calm manner and thick skin. Of course, that led him to be a super-cool tennis player, but that's just my opinion. Obama has that same calm, laid-back demeanor; it serves him well when faced with the likes of Stephy and other bigots.

Yeah, I mixed me some metaphors, but you get the idea.........

I think it's like getting shot with 100 buckshot pellets.

This would be the Hunting With Cheney scenario which requires the "peppered" candidate to issue an apology for unwittingly standing between an aroused Vice President and his quarry.

Notice the only thing showing of Kerry are his cocker-spaniel eyes. I suppose we should be surprised they didn't just feature a caricature cartoon of him, instead. No bias here, eh? But then Newsweek has always been more business-right biased. It's just less Catholic than Time.

They did the same thing with the 'wimpy' shot, blocked off his mouth. Ya' don't think they're trying to shut him up, do ya'? In a normal society, they would at least make an attempt at even-handedness. Aside from making him look more menacing, it emphasizes his hair (there's that hair thing, again) and eyes/eyebrows. There is nothing sinister about Kerry's eyes, but cutting off the rest of his face, makes them seem so.

Newsweek: The Sleaze Factor

Why don't you guys go get a room where you weewee on your ethics and laugh at your lack of journalistic professionalism.

You guys and gals make me sick.

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