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May 14, 2008

Hung Over In Mississippi

Cheneydavis On one hand, it's a fairly run-of-the-mill newswire shot.  For an Administration that has made its name on the strategic use of signs, slogans and symbolism, however, I think it's cleverly fateful.

The pic was shot Monday, the day before the GOP -- running hard against Obama in Mississippi (and hitting all the racial keys) -- lost still another special Congressional election.

You could say that the fact Davis lost to Childers -- after the Administration has so damaged the party -- can be directly hung over Cheney's head.  Looked at dimensionally, with the stars-and-stripe behind the sign, the photo also suggests that while Cheney/Bush continue to soak up the limelight, the '08 Republican slate -- in the fuzzy state that it is -- is now awkwardly caught between the Administration and the republic.

Democrats Capture Deep-Red Mississippi House Seat (TPM)

Republican Election Losses Stir Fall Fears (NYT)

(image: Rogelio V. Solis/AP.  Southaven, Miss. May 12, 2008)


I guess it's just the angle, but the sign looks weirdly crooked.

The star on the Davies sign is clearly evocative of the idea that the GOP's - and in particular, the Bush Administration's - star is on an inevitable crash course with the ground.

Wasn't in on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, post-Katrina, that a local resident wandered into a Cheney photo-op and told the Veep to go fornicate with himself? Kudos to Mississippi.

Had to listen to Rush Limbaugh about the Democratic win in Mississippi. Incredible, Limbaugh trashed the Republicans. Have not heard that too often.

The real kicker was the airing opinions about Oprah, trashed her too.
White women made her. And white women are taking it away.

According to Limbaugh, Obama is a political twit. Consciously one of the stupidest the Democratic could have picked as a nominee.

My view about Edwards, nice try, but should have waited for the convention, Edwards is more of the same. He is a looser with Kerry.

Did you see the T shirt about Curious George, racist guy maybe a person who believes in Intelligent design…or how about the Darwin theory…LOL.

He just heard the sound of one hand clapping.

A lot of these folk are beginning to look tired. Tyred maybe - within the scope of a very nasty period in South African revolutionary politics. The point at which change is inevitable, but yet remains couched (sic) in terms of the truth(s) and the reconciliation.

I still believe people like Dick and Donny (Rumsfeld, not Osmond) are consummate politicians: people 4 whom conviction (!) remains the mode of operation. wrong or right. I also believe that the poet paul valery was correct, when he said that, '.. politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them all.'

fast forward 90 years and you have a potential candidate who is actually breaching boundaries. proving a bi-polarity via inclusion not exclusion and yet is being portrayed via nominal opposition as the outsider. Et tu jon edwards?

I have a feeling that staged or not. Managed without a precedent. That Edwards decleration will actually prove to be a turning point within the Democratic Presidential Campaign. That it will shift emphasis away from HRC's '"do not" to a potentially more inclusive "..possibly, maybe".

There are a lot of non-voters out here who recognise that possibility. will to truth...even.

The ramifications are extreme. It is about healing nations. Living up to resposibilities to paraphrase both Wu tang and Dick Clarke's "evil people".

Go on straight on forward (un)combined North American folk. Of whatever hue, persuasion and multiple-abilities.

Prove us wrong. Put the enablement back into a global world.

We sorely await your future instruction.

I have been honnestly posting within the Bag for nigh on five years. Sporadically. Sometimes. Tangenitally. Often. Heartfelt: always. Identified as a forum: continually.

Very, very distressed to be edited. At/on this stage. there are a lot of important things going on right-now.

Can anyone explain to me why the phrase 'guerillaz in the midst" was omitted from my post? Smacks of the sensorial to me.

If the remit is to remove the censor from the image construct: why - on this earth - might it be appropriate to do it from the word. contextually

It's hard to believe that any Republicans would want a face like that stumping for them in this election. This image may be metaphorically accurate about the sorry state of the party at this point, but every image I've seen from that event reveals that curled lip. It can't be that attractive, no matter the visual metaphor.

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