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May 29, 2008

Hillary's Rushmore


My hope, looking ahead to Saturday's crucial DNC rules committee meeting, is that Hillary approached this photo with more irony than presumption.

The difference, in terms of legacy, could not be more pronounced.  On the one hand, there is the breakthrough that women now own the path to truly become chiseled into this background.  Alternatively, there is the suggestion -- if playing up the hierarchy in the here-and-now -- that a women just plain got chiseled.

(image: Elise Amendola/Associated Press.  May 28, 2008.  South Dakota)


I suppose it's nice of you to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt, but I find this photo REEKING with presumption.

How dare she?

As a 55-yo female, I have no problem with the dry skin, wrinkles and saggings that come with menopause, because I have plenty of that stuff myself.

But in this case, with the sharp focus on her face and the blurriness of the august visages beyond her, she comes out looking like an old fossil and the Presidents look rather dreamy and ageless.

She should have asked the photographer to blur her face and put the background into sharp focus, imo.

Interesting that she has replaced George Washington, the first male president.

I recall George Stephanopoulos described Bill Clinton's presidency with words to the effect of "squandered potential." That might also be an applicable description of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

I don't see how any non-incumbent campaigning for President benefits from a photo-op at Mt Rushmore. The "presumption" that K notes is about as nice a label as I can think of for what I see. With no visual clues of irony the image radiates poseur, the air-guitarist at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. The last of the free floating goodwill benefit-of-the-doubt chits available to this campaign were cashed back in March sometime. It's been a long competitive struggle; a house to house, street by street sort of tactical engagement. The end is near.

REEKING with presumption:

Obama prepares to declare victory after Tuesday primaries

Carolyn Kay

Eh.. whatever.

I'll go easy on her for taking a postcard from the gift store at the end of her "almost-became-a-president-myself" ride in fairyland.

Then again, any similarity between Hillary and the faces on Mount Rushmore might simply be in regard to density.

I don't think any sitting president should appear in a photo like this, either. Mount Rushmore isn't just some presidents, it's some of our greatest presidents, and most presidents wouldn't benefit from the comparison. (President Bush, for example, in a similar photo.)

Oh for pity's sake, anybody can get their photo taken at Mount Rushmore. I had my photo taken at 10 Downing Street - does that make me anything but a tourist? And showing all the wrinkles on a woman politician over 60 is, or better become, perfectly fine. A decent dusting of powder and a bit of pink at lips and cheeks should satisfy those unable to tell a woman from a man if that's the problem.

Who could imagine Eleanore Roosevelt wondering if her good side was being shown?

I share the dismay of the previous post by croatoan. The addition of another head to Mt. Rushmore is a photo-funny that is second to the forced-perspective shot of a tourist pushing the Tower of Pisa over.

The only way for any politician to avoid this cliché is to avoid the monument. Amendola gets no points from me for her working the frame to get the shot that every tourist with a camera takes. It's nice that the Associated Press has money to waste, eh?

I tend to agree that it's a bit cliche for a Presidential candidate to stand in front of the visages of the greatest Presidents in our history (open for debate of course) and it's either presuming way too much of oneself or entirely missing the fact that your chances of measuring up against these icons is extremely slim. That aside, it's a rather mundane and amateur photo imo. Maybe it represents the dream of possibility, but that goal is distant and blurred and unattainable. I actually think it's a good photo of Hillary, a good angle on her and with her looking forward to the future, her chin up, mouth slightly open all speak in a positive way but with those grande figures in the background it's just not enough.

She really is a blockhead. What a stupid move to have herself photographed this way. As stupid as talking breathlessly about the possibility of assassination. It may be in her mind, or in many minds, but only a kid spills the beans like that. Who says such a thing in public? Horrible lack of judgment, maturity, or character. No one is entitled to this office, no one has the right to say he or she is the "best", when assuming the awesome responsibility, and the historic magnitude of the presidency, as we are reminded by the rocks in the photo.

Seeking access to the good old boys club that is in decline. She just doesn't get it; its all about her old dreams rather than current realities.

Why not be photographed with the Crazy Horse memorial instead? A more apt model for the rebuilding we have ahead of us in this ongoing experiment, rather than obsessively fixating on a romanticized past.

REEKING of presumption.

Carolyn Kay

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