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May 06, 2008

Obama's Last Day


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I'm always wondering how much these primary eve slide shows are supposed to be predictive in some way.  Short of that, however, I'm also wondering what this says about race (and if the black guy got out safely).

Last Day of Campaigning in Indiana and North Carolina (NYT Slide Show)

(image: Doug Mills/NYT.  Evansville, IN.


Not sure what Obama could be so earnestly sharing here, but the action shots of him shaking the hands as the workers moved past is familiar campaign footage.

According to the NYT story, Mr Fischer, whose job with Amtrak is at risk, along with his insurance and pension (not yet vested), introduced Obama at an event, similar to Mr Bernie Smith earlier in Marion, Ind. Smith is the one who said "This is the coolest thing I've ever done." Obama can connect, given the right conditions.

This image is more about class than race.

At the end of the last work day we have white vs. black, hard hats vs. bare heads, beards vs. bare chins, blue collars vs. white collars, jeans vs. slacks, work boots vs. Oxfords, GEDs vs. degrees, and labor vs. management.

Looks like somebody is about to hand out the pink slips, but from which direction?

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