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Jul 13, 2008

Latest LA Times Poll: Six-Of-One, Half-A-Dozen-Of-The-Other


Catch this dangerous new meme driven home by this cleverly simple diptych hatched today by the LA Times.

Beyond any nuance in the article, the visual take-away is:  Obama and McCain, what's the difference?

(Notice how the caption pushes the point even further, by the way, counteracting the fact one's on the left and the other's on the right by labeling, then describing both -- rather pejoratively, I thought, given Obama's "change" message -- as "MIDDLE MEN.")


Oh, but the blank look in mcc's one's home. The contrast is enormous to my eyes.

This is a really nefarious attempt by the LAT to depict the candidates as being completely equal. In addition, if they had any integrity, they wouldn't still be perpetuating the myth that McCain is a maverick who has defied his party. Despite some phony public posturing to the contrary, on every issue, torture, taxes, immigration, etc., McCain has ultimately toed the Bush/Republican Party line.

I just noticed that McCain isn't wearing a flag pin... Why does John McCain hate America?

That juxtaposition is ridiculous on its very face, equating a man who failed to vote against the fundamental constitutional abridgment of FISA reauthorization and a man who

never mind

These two are not at all indistinguishable - McCain's suit has STRIPES!

Well, they are identical except for the skin color. 'Nuff said.

OK, playing along with the spot-the-differences: Obama has the lapel pin. And the microphone.

Looks a lot healthier, too.

The base message is BS, though: McCain is no centrist.

Is it possible they're also both standing in front of backdrops made up of enormous stars?

The men in grey suits; and too many flags, never the constitution.

The closer the election, and the closer Election Day, the more alike the candidates become. Can't afford to alienate any voters, dont'cha know.

"Pick a card, any card.", but the jokers in the deck don't matter nearly as much as who the dealers are.

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