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Jul 17, 2008

Love And Kisses


I've been thinking about these shots of Phil Gramm and the McCain's at the Citadel following the South Carolina primary victory in January.

To the extent there is truth to the rap about a "Bush third term," I think you can see it here.  Having served McCain as a main economic adviser, and after calling the American people "a bunch of whiners" in a "mental recession," the knowing looks and the kiss blowing are indicative of at least one thing: cronyism.

(images: Charles Dharapak/AP. Jan. 19, 2008. South Carolina)


Hmm, I don't know if everyone can see this or if it's just me, but there's a JPEG corruption issue in your first image. Actually this isn't a bad thing, it looks kind of evocative.

Seems like there's a bit of a problem with Typepad's comment system today. I had a lot of trouble getting through. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re: the first image, though, that's what I found on the wire. At first, I took it to be a glass barrier, but now that you mention it, that doesn't seem to make sense and might be a corruption in the photo, as posted.

There is something other-worldly about Cindy McCain. Between that and the fact that she and Gramm are exchanging knowing glances... perhaps their shared secret is that they are part of an extraterrestrial invasion force and McCain is simply their (nearly) human surrogate.

Given the right camera angle, Cindy McCain can look young and attractive. But this is a terrible photograph of her. She looks like something out of a horror movie. I also think she's aware of her vulnerability in that regard. She refused to disclose her finances, but it's not about privacy as much as it is not to "run" for First Lady.

Would Democrats deliberately run bad photographs of a candidate's wife? It's difficult to avoid it.

My first impulse was to say that (in these photos) she resembles The Cryptkeeper but I decided that would be cruel. For comparison, see the following photo.

Same comment as I usually make about pictures of Sen. McCain - nearly everyone in the shot is a man. Does he never interact with groups that are half or majority female?

you Just Know that Ms. Mccain travels with a hairdresser & a stylist 24/7/365.....does she really want to look so EERIE all the time? Yikes! This is definitely her moment in the sun---and she's surely making the most of it......

Do you think McCain knows his wife is blowing a kiss to Gramm?

There's something come-hither-ish in Gramm's posture and something so 50s permed and cold in Mrs. McCain's. Like Gramm is glowing and Cindy is tamping him down.

Weird. Why would any of them be where they are doing what they're doing?

Gotta be some kinda terrorist signal

Who knew McCain was a cuckhold?

I've forgotten how to spell EEEUUUUU


I just saw 'Best in Show' for the first time: these pics remind me of that artificiality, the sense that they are always being watched and therefore must dance.

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