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Aug 31, 2008

BNN At The DNC: The Finest Team In Visual Politics

(click for full size)
 Mg 3304

Shaw, Shaw and Chin at the downtown Denver BAGnewsNotes headquarters. (We heard Newsweek was out in Siberia ... which tells you something about our momentum).

Mediafilingcenter Big Tent Al-Pressbox

Then there's Shaw in the Blogger's Workspace in the Media Filing Center at Pepsi; Shaw and Shaw in the big tent; and Shaw in the Invesco press box.

 Mg 2505

While Alan Chin, Our Man On The Floor Field, was doing his thing.  Do you think they're still waiting for him to return his 30-minute floor pass?

... And a special thanks to Jake Eisenmann, our research intern in Oakland, and secret weapon.

(images 1 & 5 (the really good ones) : Christian Hansen/; image 3: strathkinnessjb's flickr photo stream; image 2 & 4: friends)


Thank you guys for a job very well done! You are quite the team there! Thanks...

Love to see all those Macs!

i was expecting a scene outta Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and maybe a broad or two trying to rouse a semi-conscious BAGman. You've shattered all my illusions, Michael. I even grew a goatee, to be just like you! and now here you've gone all Mormon clean & tidy (or is it Trekkie?) on me. Alan looks constipated. Al the younger is *HOT*

(i'd say you guys did a serious job narrowcasting an event designed to manufacture consent through broadcast imagery ;-)

Well done, guys!

Hey wow! There's me in the Big Tent! (Blue hair, pushing a cart, looking out of breath.) I have been looking at tons of blogs that covered the DNC, and this is the first time I've been in a pic! Thank you!

When looking back and forth between the Bagman and Bagman Jr., one wonders whether the human cloning labs succeeded long before anyone suspected!

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