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Aug 16, 2008

Obama The Antichrist (Channelled By CNN)


I was watching TV at the gym... as usual, with the sound off ... when this outrageous CNN story suddenly appeared on the screen.

It wasn't just that "Is Obama The Antichrist?" was fronted for most of the 3:29 "report."  It wasn't just that the piece kept replaying pieces of Team McCain's cheap and bizarre "The One" attack ad.  It wasn't only the mainstream boost to the fringe fundamentalist paranoia surrounding the ad.

It was that CNN chose to splice-in snippets like the one above from the creepy Antichrist movie, "Left Behind," the sudden countenance of this African-American guy practically causing me to also scream (over the media's love for hysteria and fear-mongering).

video/story via Raw Story

(screen shot: CNN)


We need a War against "Corporate News". Seriously how low are these creeps willing to take us. I live outside the US and when I catch the US News, I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

Someone should get fired for this.

Interesting to me that when one hears "Obama Nation" spoken on the radio, as I did the other day at Air America, it sounds like "abomination". Deliberate choice for a title? I'd say it was cleverly crafted for those fundamentalist ears.

The worst is that they use unsubstantiated polls on random BlogSpot pages, YouTube view stats and Google "hits" as sources. This is the worst kind of journalism.

Mr. Obama is guilty by reason of rhetorical question: old writ j'accuse! => newspeak j'accuse?

The Most Trusted Name In News™ will apparently pass along any noise emanating from any orifice of the McCain campaign. Nodding wisely and discussing the ramifications of "Celebrity" and its implications for the future of the nation was farce. Bringing biblical prophecy into our election is deranged, the compass unhinged. The falconer's voice is lost.

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Hint: the beast is not a candidate for President.

A humble suggestion: it may be time to stop referring to CNN as part of the NEWS media as you hint at in your article.

It isn't.

CNN is an entertainment channel. "Is mutant bat-boy pregnant with Sasquach's baby while on the run from police during meth bender? Paris Hilton reports... only on CNN!" You may as well be outraged that those short "documentaries" on MTV set to music seem completely unrealistic... ;)

Proud to say I haven't watched CNN in at least a decade. They've been drinking the corporate conservatism Kool-Aid(and throwing it up on the screen) for a LOOONNNGGG time.

Both parties recognize a common theme in this election, that the clowning around has to stop. In the aftermath of George Bush, we can't afford to make decisions with less than full seriousness. Republicans exploit this theme by calling Obama a mere celebrity, the Arsenio Hall of politics. But that only draws attention to McCain's own lack of gravitas. McCain's not really a maverick - he's a guy who takes inconsistent positions because he's ill-informed. How many gaffes does McCain have to make before voters see the risks of a McCain presidency?

Republicans have learned the technique of attacking an opponent's strength by turning it into a weakness. Obama's a self-made man, a brilliant speaker who inspires fervent loyalty. There's no way to attack that on a rational level, so all they can do is exploit irrational fears. The attacks suggest that Obama is a changeling - the offspring of a troll and a human. They can't say that explicitly because they'd be laughed out of town. However, their messages hit on the idea that Obama's not really one of us. In Cokie Roberts' words, there's something exotic about him - wasn't he born in Hawaii or something? What is it about him? Does he howl at the moon?

This is why my nickname is "expatasia" It stands for Expat Asia. I moved out the U.S. over a year and a half ago because I couldn't take the idiocy. Whenever I watch the news here, it is filled with stories about government, business, people...all the things we used to see on the news back when the U.S. MSM had some credibility. When I was in the U.S. a month or so ago to visit my parents, the television was on in the hotel common area. There was an extended on-site report of the Christie Brinkley divorce, and then an extended report on Britney Spears. Welcome back to America, I thought to myself.

They're laughing at you here.

CNN's segment was nothing short of planting subliminal seeds of doubt among vulnerable and naive Christians - the ones so unable to accept the idea of a black man in the White House or their own racism that they hide behind religion as an excuse. Visit my
if you want to read more about my thoughts on this.

The key bad decision here was to run this story with something other than "MCCAIN CAMPAIGN GONE BARKING MAD" on the ticker. The McCain campaign *has* demonstrated that they've gone barking mad with this "Obama as Antichrist" ad, and that's an entirely legitimate story. Exploring the substance of their insane claim is not. This is like running a story about al Quaeda with the tagline "AMERICAN WOMEN: WHORES OF SATAN?"

One of the saddest things to watch over the last several years is the descent of CNN into the abyss, chasing FOX News all the way. If you would like some humorous relief from all of this, visit my site

obama, the antichrist, will rise out of the culture of the new roman empire,,that being america..he will be a man of darker skin and will also arise from the tribe of Dan. obama has global aspirations, and is arrogant and prideful..he's allied himself with criminals and terrorists, and it's more than ironic that he now insists on the use of his full name, which was not allowed during his campaign. He's managed to seducea nation..but i for one do not suffer from obama manis..God help us

Furthermore, obama will rob us of our constitutional rights..i assume he will get rid of talk radio, fox news, and anyone that reveals him for who he really is..i find him creepy and he definately is not who he pretends to be. Additionally he will throw America into economic chaos. I'll end by saying his original religion is islam, and according to hebrew numerology as well as chaldean numerology, obama's name results in 9..the sum of 666, the diabolical trinity, also referred as totality of wake up people..his first 6 months in office will look like he's for americans, then the truth will be seen by all those with an eye or an ear.

oooooooo and iforgot chaldean numerology views 9 as a sacred number..the chaldeans were occultists 666=9 in there you have it 2009..9 the number of the beast..2 the number of lucifer..i could go on and on but, obama will become a dictator and will make hitler's regime look like a kinder garden party..remember not take the mark..once you do it cannot be untaken.

I have to also voice my disgust with cnn and all other medias in the Obama tank...Obamahimself expressedanger with fox news

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