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Aug 26, 2008

Our Man On The Floor: The Michelle (And Biden) Buzz

Blogging from a convention is like being in one bubble inside of another, what with the security zones and our various reporting locations inside and outside the convention arena.  The message we get from "Our Man On The Floor," the incomparable photojournalist Alan Chin, however (who has short-circuited the logistical complications most by virtue of the bicycle) is that there is a wonderful buzz building around both Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

Alan filed these powerful images from Obama's appearance this morning at the Colfax Event Center, in which Biden made a surprise appearance. 

(Images © Alan Chin.  Denver. 2008)


Alan the pictures...and the commentary. It's good to hear the perspective of a person of color.

Interesting how the shadow on the right side of the first photo is cut off. I imagine that is a common occurrence when you have a wide array of light sources, with some partially blocked.

I don't suppose there is any way to show your pictures without having them locked up inside that Adobe Flash object, is there?

I run my primary browser without Flash for a blissfully animation-free browsing experience. If I really want to see something in Flash, I have another browser I can load for that, but it is enough of an annoyance that I'm not often prone to do it.

to KevinH:

The slideshows which we have created to replace to too-many-images-at-once posts that we used to do here are actually very simple. they are viewer controllable so that you go from one photo to the next, or it can go automatically if you press "play."

yea, bicycle power! nice shots, Alan.

only drawback of the slideshow is it doesn't show up in my rss reader.

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