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Aug 14, 2008

Political Geography

Scheunemann Lieberman Scheunemann Mccain

As DDay explains, the McCain campaign's neocon grandstanding and effective U.S. foreign policy takeover is being driven by McCain's combined foreign policy adviser and lobbyist for Georgian president Saakashvili, Randy Scheunemann (check bio).

In yesterday's photo aboard McCain's plane, we see Scheunemann and Lieberman jawboning with McCain, seated behind.  Obviously, the major prop here is the map of Georgia.  As much as McCain accuses Russia of having grand designs, what the map most calls into relief -- with Obama on vacation, Graham and Lieberman packing for Georgia, and Scheunemann dangling the paper in the aisle for the cameras -- is how McCain is milking the crisis for all it's worth.

(images: Mary Altaffer/AP.  Aug. 13, 2008. Newark, N.J.)


McCain won't gain a single vote from all this phony posturing. (1) Americans are concerned most with the economy (2) they simply can't bear to contemplate getting involved in another conflict with Iraq and Afghanistan still unsettled.

Hello darling.

I haven't been here for years. I'm sorry to say.

You always made sense to me

and I've always meant to ask......

do you remember this pic that showed up everywhere that

says something like, uh, these guys are pissed and targeting

US troups, but the pic is of a bunch of guys in a circle,

totally ob of anyone out of their usual range.

IOW, they are all looking at each other.

I've looked for this pic which I'm sure I saw on places like Yahoo (and assumed they had not been politizied yet) but I've never found it.

I figure if anyone has seen it, captuted it, you have.



I'm talking at an early part of the war. 2003. Way before Fallujah and the contractor's draggged through the steets, and the bombs.

I love Lieberman's "The Joker" rictus grin. Or put a black cape on him and you have a menacing vampire. I cannot stand the man hope he gets the legacy he deserves.

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