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Sep 29, 2008

Credit Mess Over The Credit Mess

Mcconnell Reid


Compare the top image -- of Senate minority leader McConnell and majority leader Reid in the Capitol last Monday -- with the second, which leads the current bailout story in the NYT. 

With the astronomical bipartisan bailout package on the verge of passage, I haven't seen a shot of Dems and Repubs standing together since, well, McCain blew through town.  I don't think the edginess in the second shot is accidental, by the way.  The hand could as well represent Congressman Frank ready to catching his own head when the Repubs hand it to him and the Dems for getting out in front of this legislation. 

As Digby explains:

Right now I'm watching Pelosi and Reid, Frank and Dodd stand there all by themselves taking "credit" for this bill. They are handing out plaudits to all the others who "helped" them get it done like members of "the Hills" at the MTV awards.

The optics are all wrong. If they really feel they have to do this thing each one of them should have a Republican under each arm every time they make an announcement.

(image 1:  Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times, September 22, 2008.  image 2:  Andrew Councill for The New York Times, August 28, 2008)


I was intrigued about the "popularity" of the leading people involved in the proposed bailout bill so I did a face-off at my Word Face-Off blog: Paulson, Bernanle, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Boehner, McConnell, Baucus... even Bush, Obama and McCain. The resulting trend graphs are very interesting.

I haven't seen a shot of Dems and Repubs standing together

Not watching MSNBC? Twice yesterday I saw segments with Sen Schumer standing behind Republicans while they addressed reporters. Could the powers behind Yahoo prefer NOT to provide such shots?

Whoever LOOSES this battle will be the winner. If the bill passes (looks like it's not going to).. it will be the Dem's baby and it is a very unpopular bill. Dems loose.

If the bill fails, it will be because of the Republican opposition and the Republicans have to answer to a huge stock market loss and a downward spiral for the economy.. Republicans loose.

The big problem is that either way: AMERICA LOOSES.

The pictures above of the little politicians giving their little speeches and having their little powows in front of busts and pictures of other, older politicians does little to inspire. Phoey.

As we ponder the blame-game of competing Republican and Democratic narratives -not- news, while most Americans seek succor in confirmation of views, being "not-news" suckers, after all ~ let's play this game as all their lies might lay in, say ~ ‘Golf’ . . .

to bail (out) : “to play or aim away from trouble (usually extreme). Example: I was afraid of the water hazard on the right side of the fairway, so I decided to bail out into the left rough.

You know she was thinking about what kind of irony to play that lie, and unwisely chose a wedge; All she got was back-spin.

>GROAN< no, no, no, no. it's all wrong!

That's not what you just thought, that's what you just said. To them, not me, you said this. And what's more: they heard you.

NewYorkTimes : “Lawmakers on both sides pointed to an outpouring of opposition from deeply hostile constituents (just five weeks before every seat in the House was up for re-election), as a fundamental reason that the measure was defeated: House members in potentially tough races and those seeking Senate seats fled from the plan in droves.”

They talked all about it on the "maintream media" uh, "traditional" (‘TM’ = dKos), um, "Talking Head Media" (‘THM’ = BNN :) and they put The Plan up on the internets ~ and You, being We, the People, herd it.

and imho, this is something new. Why, I think they used to call it "news". So, while they're talking "blame", imho: i think they're trying to convince US that if one of THEM is to blame, then they obfuscate the fact that We, the People deserve the credit ;-)

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