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Sep 24, 2008

Don't Bite The Hand That Shoots You

Here's CNN's push back on its "photo-sploitation" at the hands of Team McCain during Sarah Palin's "speed dating" of world leaders in NYC this week.

It was even more classic -- in the version I saw -- preceded by the "Clean Coal" ad.

(video: CNN.   September 24, 2008)


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Ms. Moos is a terrific journalist. I first noticed her when she did back-to-back stories during Pappy Bush's Iraq Adventure. One day reporting from a disaster zone, the next day interviewing NYC people on the street about the latest diet fad.

The Cut And Run Express. Lovely.

The media shouldn't even have given those "meetings" a second of tape. The McCain campaign will now turn those tiny clips into weeks of TV ads. Not that it matters; for the first time in my short life, I think the American public gets it.

Both sides deserve each other. The nation deserves neither side. Or, maybe we do?

Is this what I get for updating FF3? I watched the CNN video clip earlier. Updated FF. Came back after updating and found this message where the video used to be:

The video you are attempting to embed does not exist.
Please check your URL and try again.


Witness Zardari acting like the greasy masher he really is. What a horrible man. And she seems to be flattered. Maybe she sees that he, at least, knows that showing off nice gams is really all she's good for? And she likes that? Shudder.

Who howled "I love you Sarah?" at the end ot that clip? What is this, TMZ? Bleh.

"Thank you" is the new Buh-bye.

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