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Sep 19, 2008

More Racist "Advice" From The McCain Campaign


Many of you have written about my take on "Advice,"  the latest McCain attack video.

Although I certainly don't believe that setting up an African-American in an political ad is inherently racist, in this case -- because Mr. Raines has virtually no connection to Obama or his campaign -- he is distinguishable as subject matter primarily on the basis of his skin color.

What further strikes me is the McCain camp's political perseveration (or, almost pathological return to the same well).  In other words, consider the very close parallel between the smarmy way Obama was portrayed in Schmidt/McCain's Kindergarten/Sex Ed piece ten days ago and the portrayal of Frank Raines in this latest job. In their hateful desperation, Team McCain once again works the combination of the found photograph and the base stereotype of the black man's lust.

Given that avarice relates equally to greed or desire, it makes little difference here whether the Schmidt/McCain hook involves money or sex.

(h/t: Tom.  screen grabs: YouTube via McCain for President)


McCain’s hiding Sarah Palin away from answering any questions from the media so that the American people will be able to make an informed choice, is the reason why we cannot trust him in this financial crisis. It is not our fault that McCain made a unwise choice in his V.P. pick but the American people should not have to pay the price for his misjudgment. The Townhall Meeting she participated in was Staged, Republicans only crowd! There is something deceptive in that action of hiding her away, it is not honest and it is not truthful and it is a lack of integrity! Furthermore, McCain lacks credibility when he spits in the face of the legal system and does not allow Palin and her husband to honor subpoenas, again engaging in a above-the-law mentallity. We have had enough of that base behaviour.

America we cannot afford, nor can we trust, nor can we have any confidence that McCain and the Country Club Boys First Club will fix our failed and crumbling economic system, when at heart their allegiance is to the Country Club Boys first and not to the American people. Their fixing will be a partial measure of change and a band aid — looked to assuage a worried public but will do nothing to bring the radical change and upheaval needed to get America truly back to being fiscally sound and thriving again! It will be short turn and to their advantage.

McCain can Run, McCain can Pretend, McCain can Deceive but McCain cannot Hide from his past — the S&L Scandal and the Keating 5! To trust these Country Club Boys again to make fair and sound changes on behalf of the people, would be to do so at your own risk and detriment! When you see and hear McCain speak think, Wizard of Oz! America we must pull back the curtain and expose the deceit and deceptions of the country-club boys and get off the Yellow Brick Road! It is somehow sinister to hear McCain now pretend to get a Heart — Courage — and Brain while he deceptively talks about regulation and transparency when he has been against it his whole political career. McCain cannot change the Old Guard because he is part of the Old Guard, but the new kid on the block, Barack Obama can.

Republican Good Old Boy Government Says:

“We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to fix Social Security
We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to fix Medicare
We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to provide health care to ALL Americans
We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to help out Americans losing their homes
We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to help all our veterans returning from war
We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bail out Bears Stearns
We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to pay for an unnecessary TRILLION DOLLAR war
When the LITTLE GUY needs help, they scornfully say, “GET A JOB!”
But when one of their BIG GUY CRONIES from the COUNTRY CLUB FIRST need a bailout, what do they say?


Angellight - I thought the comment you quote was by a reader of Americablog:


These Republicans are beyond sleazy. And I thought Nixon was the worst. These guys are actual criminals, of the Tony Soprano ilk. And it is astonishing that roughly half the American electorate, according to the polls, support them, and will be voting for them. WHat does this say about the character of the America electorate?

Interesting that few people are commenting on these pictures.

I find them offensive in that the photos captured these men with such goofy expressions; and that the McPOW campaign deliberately used these photos to TRY and evoke fear. We know that Obama is NOT goofy. I don't know who Mr. Raines is, but I doubt if he is similarly goofy. If they are supposed to be scary, they fail miserably. They remind me of one of the black sitcoms of the 80's; which I found excruciatingly embarrassing in their stereotyping.

I have passed over these pictures so many times and just didn't even want to look. And apparently many others did the same.

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