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Sep 11, 2008

Palin Gibson



These are not the kinds of stills the traditional visual media is going to propagate, but they are characteristic of a) the hard-edge of the Veep candidate, and b) how over her head the presumptuous Sarah Palin is on the national stage.

From what I've seen of Gibson so far, as ABC piece-meals this out, score one for journalism.  But then, exactly what kind of the picture will come through the spin?

I presume any quizzical look, for example, will be attributed by the wingnuts to Gibson trying to trap Palin with a question like whether she knows "the Bush Doctrine."  In that case, Gibson taking a tougher stance will be grounds for moral offense, and that -- as an extension to the "healthy fight" exhibited in the first shot -- is how the second pic will likely be read.

updated 10:45 pm PST

(screen shots: abc via msnbc via BNN point-and-shoot)


I couldn't believe it when I watched. I never expected this interview to be so unscripted, and I certainly never thought Palin (after a week of preparation) would be utterly unprepared for these simple questions.

she looks dazed and confused.....god help us if she become the president

she looks dazed and confused.....god help us if she become the president

she looks dazed and confused.....god help us if she become the president

she looks dazed and confused.....god help us if she become the president

ironic series of comments, rchsod!

I regularly scan the comments and eliminate duplicates (which is a real problem with the Typepad system). In this case, however, especially considering chris's contribution, I'm walkin' away.

I was going to comment on the interview but we will have plenty of time for that soon. Right now, I too am basking in the beauty of the astute observation made by Chris.

BTW - Tina Faye is going to skin this one alive on SNL. She will achieve what our ticket is apparently incapable of doing. Can't wait!

She has very pointy ears. Reminiscent of Spock, or...others. Kind of spooky. And then the hairstyle with the pointy head look. It all adds up to (?)...Santa's favorite elf? THAT's who she reminds me of! I've been trying to put my finger on it for days now. ( I have to admit, I love 3 dot journalism...but only when I do it.)

Yes, with the pointy ears and hairstyle, she looks like a vicious Vulcan, less elegant but otherwise reminiscent of Spock's Vulcan bride who tried to manipulate him into killing his captain or being killed.

It is so disheartening that the Rovian attack dog/angry mother response - even to shocking ignorance of so basic a question as to the "Bush Doctrine" - does not phase her, nor, I fear, the mindless ideologues that embrace her for tone and attitude rather than understanding and an accountable intelligence - can win the election for McCain. How does Obama, who has seemed to have,fallen off the heights of his Convention energy surge - or Biden - who even said in public that Obama should have picked Hillary - counter this swiftboat onslaught? It seems the McCain?Palin (and he looks a lot better to his crowd with her than without her) attack (lies couched in effective slogans)strategy works . How does Obama/Biden respond effectively? The press is helpful in small print in long newspaper articles to which only a minority (like me) still pay attention. If Obama is not to be "Kerryd" what is the oppositional successful strategy?

I havn't seen the interview - only read it as printed by (German) newspapers. But if I look at those screenshots, I would say: if Palin is already panicking being confronted with such simple questions, how would she react if confronted by a real critical sitiuation - such as terrorist attacks, hurricanes or going to war or not....
Rove/Schmidt have picked an absolute looser, who will become dangerous, if cornered.

What rubbish. When you are being asked a question you concentrate and pay attention, you don't look relaxed - unless you already knew what the question was.

Taking snapshots from video like this is ridiculous, and you can do just the some with any normal human being, which she happens to be. And hooray that she isn't a part of your DC clique.

And I for one want someone who has a bit of iron - as did Margaret Thatcher. I therefore look forward to McCain/Palin annihilating the Dems for just this kind of despicable manipulation.

The panic appears to be from Dems, certainly not Sarah Palin.

Palin anothe Maggie Thatcher??? - hardly. Iron lady Thatcher (I do not have great sympathy for her) could look back on a long political career when she became PM and she had a gigantic bag of national and international political experience before starting the job.
And by the way: compare relaxed Obama answering to critical journalist with dear hockey-mom.
Sorry fore, but the images above display someone, who is aggressive because of fear.

These stills demonstrate a major visual problem for McCain/Palin.

There is a carefully crafted image of Palin, built around a single speech (delivered multiple times). As Palin moves out of that comfort zone, the variety of images increases. The McCain/Palin problem is, it's all downside from here. She's already had her fresh face debut. All signs suggest, as we get to know her more as a full-rounded person, not just an idealized image, it has the potential to turn off large segments of voters.

I'm stuck on the earth tones she's wearing. She may want to defang her image by wearing brown (= approachability and warmth) but last night she shoulda trotted out the power suit. She's confused and it's showing in her image, not just her words.

The unfortunate reality is that the answers are good enough for the true believers.

I heard an interview with a supporter- who said, "It(her lack of experience), doesn't really matter. God is in charge and picks our leaders. He will help her when she needs help."

It seems that the Republicans have been sucessful in building a near majority that is "issue proof". Truth, lie, inexperience, experience---it doesn't matter. Like Bush and Putin, they have looked into the hearts of Palin and McCain and have seen that they are good people. Issues after that have very little to do with it. People who have accepted Palin will not change their minds, regardless of what issues are brought up.

After all, it's the "lieberal" press. They only deal with the world as they see it--Palin deals with the world as she wants it.

Palin and McCain offer nothing new--their "change" is to carry on the present policies, only more effectively.


I didn't compare Sarah Palin with Margaret Thatcher, I said there was nothing wrong with a woman with some iron in her soul... a la Thatcher.

My impression?

She has contempt for the press. but she is still fears it.

Not sure I need to be embroiled too much in this discussion but I can't help but make one more remark. The issue of God. If someone chooses to believe in a decent God that motivates people to act in the best way then there is nothing wrong with that. Sarah Palin is motivated by her strong belief in God and acts accordingly. It does not mean she "gets told what to do by God" as if quite literally mad, which is the very nasty way some Dems try to portray it - as above.

What few parts of the interview I saw I was, (though I don't really know why) astonished at how unprepaired she was. She had obviously been coached on pedicted questions but it is obvious she has no idea of what our foriegn policy via Bush has been over the last 8 years. When she spoke it was obvious she just spoke the sentences she was coached to speak without really understanding the words she was saying. She obviously has never thought about Bush and his policies towards war after 9-11. Or should I say 9-11 was Bush's excuse to impliment his and the neocon war policy. She appeared to answer her questions like an experienced beauty contestant. That is what the interview reminded me of the question section of a beauty pagent.

A friend of mine put it very well today - he said she seems smart, a quick learner, and like she can be, when she's got information, a critical thinker. One doesn't have to support her politics to admit that as a possibility. The problem is that she's just not knowledgeable, and that's what the interview may be revealing. She's probably a quick study, and working her butt off, but waiting around for her to achieve a "comfort level" is like asking a (perhaps very smart) undergraduate in physics to acquire the knowledge of a PhD in physics, in 50 days or less. Do you want this person running your super-collider in 50 days? Probably not.

Any commentary on the photos accompanying the WSJ article "buying Pail's Shoes" (please note that it is an A-hed, s it is supposed to be a little off beat). I am specially interested in photos 1,4, and 8.

I don’t think John McCain would have picked her if she didn’t wear 3 inch high heels. It’s interesting how Palin’s wardrobe choices are used to strengthen her image, as shown by the WSJ photos, where as Hillary’s wardrobe choices were always used to diminish her image.

imho, Mrs. Palin as a performer is more of a "natural", not unlike, say ~ Mr. Gore; ie., One who delivers to us that character illusion of "genuine-ness" without the rote expression of any focus-group engineered Talking Points, whatsoever. iow, the more she is "scripted", the more her handlers try to make her less vulnerable ~ the less we (and especially the women to whom she so obviously appeals) do identify with her: and seeing your Self AS, not simply liking but, wanting TO BE ALIKE HER, *IS* the essence of this fascinating candidate.

She is ‘The American Woman’. Her weakness, her fatal flaw, fwiw: is that she is not ‘The All-American Woman’ ;-)

iow, she is one of THEM, not one of US (and that makes ALL the difference). And all these men, (who still run things, on both sides of the political spectrum), are hilariously clueless when it comes to 'handling' a Her!

These guys don't know WTH to do with this newfangled Her! character, so they ‘butch’ her up ~ as if she were some kind of ‘Hillary’, (which she, being an undiluted libido dose of "she", is not), expressing the tried-and-true Politics Of Anxious Masculinity.

Think "Mae West", mon ami Black Dog Barking: a female, female impersonator. Or... Dolly Parton? {Heheheheh} This is a WOMAN... she is supposed to scrunch up her nose, when a man poses a man's kinda question to her... before she turns the tables on you, says something like, "Well, Charlie, let's find the answer to that question, together," and then just frickin' blows you away with some female Point Of View that is not only an entirely un-male-think fresh perspective, but downright profound.

She has courage, imho. She has faith in her gender. What we know so far is that the men around her do not; ie., They appear to be terrified of allowing Palin! to be a real WOMAN, unleashed; and insist that she perform "in male drag Talking Points", as if she were a traditional male candidate. They treat her as a "demographic token", as "just another candidate" who, BTW just happens to wear lipstick and a dress... and by doing so they, more than any Democrat ever could ~ do damge brand Her!

It is quite obvious from this interview that Sarah Palin is utterly unqualified to serve as Vice President - and the fact that McCain picked her speaks volumes.

Jon T:

From an interview with Katherine Harris (remember her?), in the Florida Baptist Witness, dated Aug, 24, 2006


What role do you think people of faith should play in politics and government?

The Bible says we are to be salt and light. And salt and light means not just in the church and not just as a teacher or as a pastor or a banker or a lawyer, but in government and we have to have elected officials in government and we have to have the faithful in government and over time, that lie we have been told, the separation of church and state, people have internalized, thinking that they needed to avoid politics and that is so wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers. And if we are the ones not actively involved in electing those godly men and women and if people aren’t involved in helping godly men in getting elected than we’re going to have a nation of secular laws. That’s not what our founding fathers intended and that’s certainly isn’t what God intended. So it’s really important that members of the church know people’s stands. It’s really important that they get involved in campaigns.

(end quote)

I'll repeat that part again...


...because God is the one who chooses our rulers...

(end quote)

In this interview she reminded me of myself when I was back in school. The teacher would call on you and you were utterly unprepared and you'd just try to bullshit your way out of the question. She has no idea but no idea what she's talking about. That is so clear. She just was forceful in her responses (most of which didn't even make sense) she has a hard edge but it's not tempered by any intellect. She doesn't strike me as a smart, thoughtful person in any sense. I marvel at how she ever even got to become mayor of Wasilla. She's basically George Bush with a vagina. George Bush offered no surprises. Everything he touched prior to being president turned to shit. And the same has happened to everything he touched while in office. This woman is the same. She left Wassila with $22million in debt, she abused her power as governor, she's blurred the lines between church and state, she's basically never been out of the country and knows nothing of the world outside Alaska.

Hmm -pointing to Dolly Parton in this respect. Please don't forget that a woman like Dolly Parton never forgot her true role and never insisted to talk about things, she was not acquainted with. And don't forget, Dolly is according to her public opinion a strong femalist.
Yes, Mrs Palin has guts, but guts for what? Shooting moose? Guts to resist those who tell her: just send the army/airforce/navy? Guts based on knowledge and sincere opinion making?
In that interview she already panicked, being asked simple questions. Guts?

God, she looks terrified. This is someone who's supposed to be qualified to meet world leaders and she can't even face down Charlie Gibson? For contrast, watch Obama in the O'Reilly interview. Or any other interview, for that matter. And I'm sure his confidence and ease don't just come from his political experience; that oft-denigrated community organizing teaches one a lot about negotiation, persuasion and diplomacy. Obama was not my first pick, but it's obvious he's vastly more competent than these two.

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