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Sep 04, 2008

RNC Final Night Top 10

The Evil-Doers and Haters video

No surprise, Palin gets between McCain and the cameras after Mac's speech.
Meanwhile, McCain's gesture describes whose convention it really was.

Cindy with Mother Teresa

Use of giant rear projection images puts sickly green background
behind Mac again for first 10 minutes of acceptance speech.
(Here's the real backstory -- nailed by a BAGreader first, I believe, if you check the comments.)
(And if you haven't seen it, watch the Colbert Green Screen Challenge from the 2:30 mark.)

Dnc10-Bridget2-1 Dnc10-Bridget1-1
After all the GOP bluster about the exploitation of candidate's children, Cindy
actually exploited Bridget and her adoption to boost her own humanitarian cred.

The networks managed to make it seem like there were plenty of black faces among the delegates.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell thought her near-drowning by balloon was an innocent thing.
No Andrea, Palin and her religious right posse are completely pissed off and they really were trying to drown you.

Dnc10-Palin-Ebay  Rnc10-Cindy-Plane
You know that plane Palin sold on eBay?  I think Cindy bought it.

Proper etiquette: When your Mom's to your right, you should acknowledge her by reading off the teleprompter to your right.

Who could resist Sarah in pearls and the paramilitary-looking outfit. (Can anyone ID the uniform?).
And, of course, the moose.

O.K, it's an eleventh. I just had to say:
I hope I don't see that whiney little war-mongering Lindsey Graham ever bear his teeth again!

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The BAG's complete DNC 08 coverage here.


I chuckled when I saw the green background at the start of the speech... it was Colbert’s green screen challenge all over again… but then I gasped when they cut to a wide shot revealing the whole image: it was the middle school that I teach at! Walter Reed Middle School, in North Hollywood California. Our school is used for all sorts of T.V. and film production and I guess this must be some stock photo from Getty…

What I don’t understand is why they had about five minutes of Reed MS as backdrop, followed by about two minutes of amber waves of grain, followed by blue skies/flag waving for the rest of the speech… it's like they did no planning…

And I'm not sure about this, Jesse, but I saw a tweet earlier this evening that said that the full shot had a lawn sign that said "Keep Off Our Grass." Later, I'll have a look to see if I can get find it.

If you cannot squeeze in Andrea Mitchell smothered by balloons you will have to to the top 11 pics. Right now she is number 5, and may get bumped out.

The green background pic needs a link to McCain New Orleans speech, some folks may not know why this was such a blunder...

Go BagMan, the only other solution is a double dose of an emetic and constipation buster.

New Orleans link, check.

Can't believe they broke the 9/11 no photos campaigning rule. Disgusting.

It was bad enough when it was every other word in their speeches.

The "Walter Read" backdrop was the best visual moment of the convention (hat tip to Josh Marshall)...

Oops! I meant "Walter Reed".

The "Walter Reed Middle School moment" is very funny!!

Hello Truth. Great Link!

We'll always have North Hollywood....

Spellcheck: BARE his teeth. "bear his teeth" -- would mean giving birth to them, or enduring them.

the bush administration has lost it.....As important as our government claims our many freedoms and the fight to keep them are in the world today. We send our Secretary of State to Libya....for what...I'll answer it for ya with this equation: Condoleezza + Gaddafi = OIL!

I didn't see it, so I don't know, but was all of their imagery so macro-scale? The usual policy complaint about the Rs is that they make vague grand statements. Were the pictures equally landscape-scale? Any details on the American domestic front? Did we get any lingering pan and zoom over family dinners and front porches?

I made a little video of my own to celebrate the convention. It was a great show, but then again, that was what it was supposed to be. The reality is a bit different:

And the uniform, should look familiar because it is a flight suit.

Apparently, Sarah Palin only put the plane on Ebay but never sold it.

the plane snark was worthy of it's own thread. too funny.

on a serious note, david schuster on msnbc said palin sold the plane to a campaign contributor for a loss. reformer, my a**.

congressman duke cunningham got busted and went to jail for doing things like this. selling property at a loss to cronies in exchange for political favors.

Rafael -- THANK YOU for that video. I'm sending it out far and wide.

Your welcome K.

Not sure how much of the 'flag backdrop' was shown by the networks...but on C-SPAN...the flag flapped and fluttered in the wind for a while...then went limp and stayed that way through the end of McCain/s speech.

Such stagecraft seemed rather fitting.

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