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Sep 23, 2008

Top People In D.C. Would Never Admit They Don't Really Know What To Do

Bernanke Congress
Dodd Bail Out

The Wall Street crisis has become almost biblical at this point.

(images: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.  Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Capitol Hill. September 23, 2008)


I'm liking Dodd a lot these days. Eyes open, looking forward, thinking. Bernanke wishes he could just go home.

Except that Bernanke is Jewish and we don't put our hands like that. But I don't suppose that completely invalidates your point.

I would like to see these pictures side by side so that Dodd is looking at Bernanke. Looks like a teenager who got busted with a stash of weed.

The typical pattern of behavior, when you have privately accepted the foregone conclusion of bankruptcy, is to borrow and charge all you can until the day before you call the lawyers. What's another $700 billion?

We have a $9.6 trillion national debt, a $6 trillion balance of trade deficit, a $56 trillion unfunded liability for social security, disability and medicare. There are ungoing wars to fund, oil is causing an unprecedented transfer of wealth off of our shores, recent and future industry bailouts to pay for, student loans and credit cards that will never be repaid,... a medical, educational and infrastructure crisis is hopeless. There is obviously much more.

This is offered as my impression of Bernanke's appearance. He knows what's coming.. and Dodd is starting to get the religion too. "My God", he is quietly thinking, ... "America really is going belly up."

NoContest : “[public] behavior, [of resignation, surrender] when you have privately accepted the foregone conclusion

foregone conclusion : inevitable ending.

otoh, ‘the foregone conclusion : a group's; the herd's; some Other's willed destiny: not of your own Self's willing design.

foregone : (adj) bygone, bypast, departed, foregone, gone (well in the past; former) "bygone days"; "dreams of foregone times"; "sweet memories of gone summers"; "relics of a departed era".

Spontaneous prayer in the high halls of government!

Consider this:

Word is that Bush might give a speech tonight about the bailout. I wonder if he'll bow his head and offer a few minutes of silent prayer for the US economy. If not, why not? He's a believer, right? He believes prayer will work to solve real world problems, right? Put your money where your mouth is, Bush; Palin would do it!!

You see.. they'll talk about prayer and God and even Jesus when there's nothing on the line, but when it comes time to actually call upon the almighty in front of the cameras they know how bad it would look! Spiritual Hypocrites! Proving once again that there is no topic that GW Bush hasn't completely sold out on. None.

These two guys can pray (or appear to pray, while thinking hard, caring and being sincere, which one might call secular prayer?) precisely because they haven't sold us the "Jesus card" to scheme their way to the top.

Maybe they need the comfort of pressure against their lips. Are they self-soothing? Given that they must be deep in complicated thought, maybe the need the reminder of their physical presence.

Do you know that holding hand(s) in front of ones mouth while talking is an indication of deception, lying or evasion?

Maybe it's just the news I'm catching - mostly NPR and PBS, but I have been struck by how many "experts" and legislators are admitting that they don't know, that it's all a high-stakes crapshoot at this point.

Now, about those hands: I see them as mudras. Dodd's is the Anjali Mudra, often used in greeting, but when held for a longer time it's for the energetic purpose of focusing the mind, linking right and left brain. Even people who know nothing about mudras will spontaneously put their hands in this position when they are willing themselves to think well. Yes, people do this in prayer, too, but, energetically, it's about mental focus and power.

Bernanke's - well, no exact mudra that I recognize, but it looks less like prayer to me and more like "trying to hold it together", or pulling it all in, which seems particularly apt - everything loosely held together with ungrounded imagination, delusion, lies, and duct tape is now flying apart and his job is to apply glue, gravity, gobs of money to pull it back into some kind of workable form.

PS to Mucker - It would be interesting to see if these men ever did that when talking. In both of these shots, they seem very clearly not to be talking.

Thanks for the editorial assistance MonsieurGonzo.

Do you all know the theory of contagion in economics? It would be similar to a bird flu pandemic but it involves personal financial withdrawal from public fiduciary outlets - that would be banks, money markets, mutual funds, insurance policies and 1,000 other various vunerable repositories. Massive, viral and instantaneous. Look for this to begin tomorrow. They are running on Asian banks as we speak. There is some air left in the balloon, that is going to escape in a great gust. Beware!

By the way - in the photo above, rather than praying, Bernanke looks sick to his stomach. He is resisting the physiological urge at any second to throw-up all over the table. "That's another very good question, Senator"... bleeechhh.

@ NoContest : mais non, il était moi qui donnait des mercis à vous.

you are a good writer, and it was a pleasure to indulge myself in the depth of meaning(s) expressed within your chosen prose.

Monsieur, vous me donnez le crédit que je ne mérite pas, pourtant, c'est effectivement un plaisir de participer sur ce forum avec les intellects uniques comme vous et M. Shaw.

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