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Oct 05, 2008

All Hands On Deck

Fey Mccain Life

Although this old LIFE Magazine cover with Tina Fey and John McCain has been making the rounds for about a month now, I haven't noticed anyone relate it to the sexual dynamics of the Palin-McCain ticket.

Given how Palin has energized McCain, I think this cover -- distributed four Septembers ago during the dwindling days of the Bush - Kerry contest -- is, well, on the personal side.  In fact, if a news magazine had the balls, I could easily imagine McCain and the real Sarah posing exactly the same way illustrating how McCain would be nowhere right now without those Alaskan hands on deck.

Backstory at Poynter Forums

(photo: unidentified)


You have to wonder if the Palin idea came from his interest in Tina Fey...

Witness the birth of gestative spark of 30 Rock -- Liz Lemon first meets Jack Donaghy. Okay, he's a little old for the role. Alec Baldwin is a nice compromise.

the dangerous irony that is Sarah Palin is that, as a femme fundamentalist she advocates suppresion of all other, "rival" female peers such that she, alone can winky! persuade men of apparent power to her will. iow, This is an odd woman, one who (yes, i am presuming) lacks the capacity to bond with another woman ~ even within her own family ~ and ‘Sarah’ has probably never enjoyed having "a girl friend" in her life, as most women likely do.

otoh, The interesting irony that is "Tina Fey -as- Sarah Palin" is that Fey, too is a female chauvinist ~ this delicious urbane flirt, au naturel. And I use this over-used expression, "irony" because imho: clearly, Fey can do a ‘Sarah Palin’... but i daresay Palin could never "do" a convincing ‘Tina Fey’.

Does McCain EVER look comfortable? He expression is forced, his jacket is way too big, he's leaning away from Tina Fey, and his fingers look creepy and tiny. I think there was a picture on this site after the first debate that talked about how McCain was too weird to be president. That's what this image makes me feel. Especially when Tina Fey looks like a better VP pick than the pick of Palin, whom she's now skewering.

IS she checking his heart rate??

At the risk of reinforcing our society's sexist-piggishness...

I've been insisting to my friends that Palin's rapid ascendancy and/or contribution to the Republican ticket is based entirely upon her LOOKS (not her charm, not her folksiness, not her religious-right values)... but for very different reasons than just the easy-on-the-eyes boost that other attractive candidates (Quayle, Reagan, JFK, and let's be honest, even Obama) gain.

By being young and attractive, she's not only "more likable": it's that she can play the (symbolic) trophy wife for McCain.

Because in our society, the young, attractive woman on the older man's arm reinforces HIS social status as "powerful" (even virile, "able to get such a hottie so he must be rich, powerful," etc.) That's why the wealthy and powerful old men--well beyond the point of being stupidly driven by their hormones--still "acquire" young, attractive consorts: they realize full well that beautiful arm-candy is essential to maintaining their social power and legitimacy.

This Tina Fey/McCain image only puts into lens what is already going on in the larger collective unconscious.

Palin transforms McCain's image from "Grandpa" into "CEO."

Again, apologies for the sexism... (I swear, it's not my idea!)

My God, how prophetic this picture is.

Only four years ago McCain looks a great deal more robust in this Life photo. He looks heavier in the face and chest. I've seen many recent photos where he looks shrunken, hump backed and just tiny. Don't know if it is bad make-up or what but he seems to lack good color in his face as well. If he was my dad, I'd be very worried about him.

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