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Oct 20, 2008


I just found out tonight that Cursor has ceased operation.  When The BAG was just starting out but was hardly on anybody's radar, Mike Tronnes "got" what was going on here and took an interest (while also dishing out occasional tough love with some much-needed critique).  I don't know how many of you followed the site, but nobody in the 'sphere could pick links and stitch them together with such insight and elegance.  Cursor will truly be missed.


Cursor was awesome. I am already feeling the loss. But I appreciate all of the work they did. Thanks Cursor.

Cursor was my # 1 site, those folks did excellent work and I'm still hoping a little financial miracle comes their way.

I liked Cursor a lot.

I read Cursor for a while when there were a lot fewer aggregator sites. I enjoyed it and found it useful but tired of the format after a while. I think with better RSS readers aggregators have become less useful to many. I still tend to be the news aggregator for most people I know, though. I maintain a political email list and a lot fo people tell me I'm their main news source. ;^) I actually find that kind of sad, but I know others don't have the time to follow everything that I do. Cursor was that kind of site, obviously took a lot of time, and yes, it will be missed.

Now I feel terrible that I'd sort of wandered away from them. Really used them alot during the last election, but this one not so much.

They were great.

rss doesn't make up for how Cursor created short narratives around each of its subjects, with links to follow facets of the topic.

I don't know anyone who does this as well as Cursor did. Hope they can find a way to come back...

I was going to make the same comment as merl above...I too went to Cursor every day to see what was happening around the web and using the links to all.

With the links from Cursor and ones I found on my own, I established 40 or 50 of my favorite sites in the next couple of years, and arrayed them on my bookmarks bar at top and down to right in order of my interest in them. I could usually find just about anything that was going on in politics from these sites and links to other sites...

I no longer needed the middle-man, Cursor, which filled a need for me but outgrew it's use...

I do respect the great work that Cursor did for me and other progressives...great thanks to them for their hard work and dedication!

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