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Oct 01, 2008

Ifill Attacks: A Real Laugh

Ifill Prep

Props to the clever photographer for this newswire shot making light of the right-wing attacks on V.P debate moderator Gwen Ifill. 

With students standing-in for the candidates during a lighting and sound rehearsal at the debate sight at Washington University, the photographer uses a floor director giving instructions to the mock moderator to mirror the small-minded "drama of the day." 

In this case, the beefy young white guy with the crew-cut, sporting all kinds of credential around his neck, metaphorically "stands in" for the mostly white male pundits currently siphoning off all-too-much oxygen in the media sphere telling Gwen Ifill how it's gonna be.  (The point of all the bluster, of course, was not to get Ifill removed, but to intimidate her into making things easier for Palin.)

What makes the shot, however, are the built-in satirical features.  Element one: Mr. Crew-cut isn't looking "Ms. Ifill" in the eye (just like the right-wingers throwing these wrenches in the direction of a serious journalist couldn't reasonably pull off a direct gaze toward the public).  Element two: the two student stand-ins and the guy in the cut-out seem to be sharing a laugh, the inference being that the situation on stage -- just like the basis of the attacks today  -- are a joke.

(image: Paul J. RichardsAFP/Getty. caption: A floor director instructs unidentified students from Washington University in St. Louis as they stand-in for Moderator Gwen Ifill (back to camera),Vice-Presidential candidates Joe Biden(L) and Sarah Palin(R) during a lighting and sound rehearsal October 1, 2008 at Washington University in St. Louis)


Yeah that, or a college Media Arts student practicing his stage direction skills.

I saw another edition of Couric/Palin this evening. "Can you name another Supreme Court Case besides Roe v.Wade,... any case on any subject", well, no Katie, I can't but I'm sure there are lots of them out there that I would not agree with. Not sexist, I'm just hoping that Biden has the poise and composure to put this game away once and for all. Please Joe, please let all the embarrassment stay on their side.

>Props to the clever photographer for this newswire shot making light of the right-wing attacks on V.P debate moderator Gwen Ifill.

Oh good grief. As if the right won't declare her the winner even if she throws up all over herself, they have to start attacking the moderator before it begins. I used to enjoy the political spectacle, but this is getting beyond a circus.

Just hope Biden stays understated, but I know the right will pounce no matter what he says or does; but the right doesn't matter, the independents do, and we're seeing which way they're leaning. I've seen the right act crazy for years, but I've never seen them so pathetic.

It's all staged.

This image of Ifill in the wheelchair in at the front center at Drudge right now.

Regarding the director in the picture:

I know this "beefy young white guy with the crew-cut"...
He is a wonderful director who is very professional. He takes his job seriously, and has won an Emmy for his directing.

Is this some deconstruction Derrida bullshit? Cause it doesn't make any sense at all to me.

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