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Oct 04, 2008

Your Turn: The "W"

Palin Wink

Three days out, this looks to be shaping up as the defining visual take-away from the Veep debate.  (And that will especially be true if SNL, the media's "Palin check," puts a magnifying glass on it tonight.)

Shooting From the Hip, With a Smile to Boot (Libby Copeland/WAPO)
My Sweet Coconut (Digby)
Women In Arizona Offended By Palin's Wink (Marlene Phillips/HuffPost)


Vanity working on a weak head, produces every sort of mischief.
Jane Austen

Rick Lowry got an erection when Palin winked...a typical clueless nerd, he thought she was winking at him personally from the TV screen, and she wanted his body. I suspect thrills ran up all three of his legs and apparently he saw starbursts...I used to get that same effect when I was masturb*ting to my Playboy Magazines...know the feeling.

I'm pretty sure only liars and clowns wink.

Also, Two-Face (Harvey Dent) from Batman.

okay then,

the winks were not confident. They looked quick and more like a nervous twitch. There is nothing sexual or attractive about this person. Very unappealing, to me, but would they coach her to wink? It seemed to work on conservative wankers.

Bubbly patriotism is her thing, so she was pouring it on. No substance - just play acting. And if she could have gotten away with it, I have absolutely no doubt she would have donned a stars 'n' stripes leotard, stuck a sparkler in her butt, and answered the questions while on roller skates. "Hey kids! Let's put on a debate!"

Ugh. Nauseating, loathsome woman.


Frank Rich offers a very interesting perspective on Palin

Make me think you've been too kind to Palin.

My first reaction to the still you show of Palin was "how embarrassing for this country." But I felt the same way about other republican leaders.

John McCain winks too.

And he does those sarcastic jabs too.

He and Palin have the EXACT speaking mannerisms.

Manufactured folksiness.

My friends.... My friends.... My friends....

Well, Saturday Night Live took that wink and made it a characteristic. Along with blowing a kiss, and a small wave. What are we going to satirize after November when the adults take charge of the room?

PTM: I'm guessing the Obama presidency (like any presidency) will offer plenty to parody. No one is perfect (the error would be in thinking otherwise for anyone!) and it is the tension between putting a "real" person in an office that pretends to be god-like in some measure that creates the conditions for (I want to say "demands") satire as a way of maintaining some control over power.

i thought we weren't supposed to trust politicians who wink at us.

feels like "there's trouble in river city."

The Libby Copeland article is fantastic. And scarey. thanks for posting a link to it.

First, the wink is accompanied by a sneer even Dick Cheney would be proud of. Serious question: Is that the way facial expressions usually work?

Second, think Monty Python: Wink-wink, nod-nod.

I felt the winks were her way of filling in for her deficiencies. After stating the official talking points she had to fill in her blanks with something personal as opposed to details and examples hence all the waves, winks, kiss blowing and shout out.

Somehow it should be good enough for a winks to replace comprehensive policy initiatives in a presidential race.

And for Rich Lowry and others like him, I'm sure it is.

Insofar as the ‘politics of identity’ go, the whole Castro has gone completely bonkers over Palin ~ a drag queen's wet dream ~ and the 31-OCT city-wide block party that is Halloween in TheCity promises to be a sea of Palin wannabees all sashaying and winking themselves silly. Yours Gonzo truly was all prepared to "be" Doris Day for that day, singing "Ten Cents A Dance" from the Café de Flore. But now it's not difficult to foresee this sea of Palin masquerades, not unlike that London scene from "V for Vendetta". I guess if you'e a guy, you haven't lived until you've experienced winky-power, once in your life: extremism in the defense of sugar and spice and all things nice, is their vice. otoh, If you're a woman, you're just plum Palin out of pluck (pssst! Ladies: this blushed-up bud's massage is not for you).

The entire erection of the next President of the United States of America has been reduced to farce. Michael, fwiw, this image (from the front page of yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle) of the Democrats laughing (my god; why are they laughing?) as they hand over the $850B bridge loan to nowhere... i mean, WTH folks, let's party! like it's nineteen twenty-nine, wink-wink.

MonsieurGonzo: That pic from teh SF CHronicle is, well, absolutely precious. It looks like she is holding
a new born baby and they are all oohing and ahhing .... And, of course, like most new born babies the thing
is as ugly as can be to everyone but the parents.

Gotta thank M. Gonzo for his image, which BAG could have featured for comment.

G. Washington looks on as though he'd best not say what he's thinking.

I'm afraid it's much more damning that that silly woman's wink.

FWIW, I caught Gwen Ifill on Washington Week In Review and then Meet The Press this morning, and from her comments it seemed pretty clear she had seen a much different debate than the people watching on a TV screen. The "enchantment" of Sarah Palin did not seem to reach her desk.

Palin winks, Obama does a hip-hop routine accompanied by the finger when he's FINALLY hit in the 21st debate.

I'll take the wink.

I'm a longtime lurker but short-time expat, so I've missed most of this brouhaha firsthand. Thankfully?

It's not an innocent wink, that. It's not genuine. It's the wink of an experienced winkler who is used to it opening doors and pocket books for her. It's an aggressive wink that says, "you want me so badly you'll do whatever I say."

Winks are conspiratorial gestures not normally shared by a mass audience. Mrs. Bulldog forgot millions of people were watching her winkle all over America and all the Rethugs with hard-ons for her thought it was more than just a hollow gesture. Speaks to the idiocy of the winker and of her fan base if you ask me.

I have known a woman or two who use their own perception of sexual prowess to get what they want from men. It is only a matter of time before the men realize they were spellbound into doing her bidding. When the spell wears off, harsh words are exchanged and they part ways. It's hard for me to find a woman like that attractive. I just see manipulative, forceful, superficial.

I have to comment on the Pelosi Bailout picture linked in the comments..

George Washington, standing above the laughing clowns, is gesturing as if to say, " Here is my great country, with all of its natural beauty and potential, with its noble Constitution and honorable ideals. Be good shepherds and steer the ship of state with great caution and wisdom, future leaders..."

Then there's this gang of idiots laughing about writing the largest check that's ever been written on a bank account that's deeply in debt in an effort to purchase absolutely nothing worthwhile. This on top of allowing a lawless frat boy to ruin the country, threaten the security of the planet and poop on the Constitution at will. SHAME!

Someone should tell jmac that white boys are the biggest consumers of rap music and rap culture.

Anyway I agree with Victor. It's an aggressive wink, and not at all spontaneous. I feel like I'm being pick-pocketed.

I'm a little disappointed in the photo. Is this REALLY the photo of a VP candidate? I feel we've somehow gone lowbrow. As much as they quote Reagan, this isn't Reagan cool at all. He must be rolling in his grave. And can you picture Nancy winking?

Samantha, word up. Corporate Rap is for whites(anything on MTV).

Independent hip hop is for everyone.

Palin does wink – almost constantly, never seen Barry bust a rhyme. (?)

Folks, I think we have a racist comment. What does jmac receive in recognition of his flatulent, mindless slur?

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