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Apr 17, 2010

Old BAG --> New BAG

A note to our readers and commenters: Our friends at Weightshift have asked that you hold all comments on Sunday as they'll be in the processes of turning this space into our new site. (You might see the new site up for most or part of the day, but it will still be in test mode, so not "good to go" yet.) Because of how highly we value your comments, we wouldn't want to lose even one. On Monday, although I'm sure we'll be pulling all kinds of levers just behind the curtain, it should be safe to explore, poke around, and yes, get the discussion rolling again.

Thanks so much!


Apr 15, 2010

EnGendering The New BAG


Since The BAG is entering a new era next week, I just wanted to clarify (in response to a comment in yesterday's kick-off post -- and, at the risk that Salon Editor Sandra Roa, left, and Contributor Nina Berman -- wonderful photographers both -- might not simply love my rather quick iPhone snap from Nina's Whitney Biennial opening) that BNN's primary brain trust, if you include Deputy Publisher Karen Hull, Salon Moderator Cara Finnegan, and BAG consultant and R.I.T. professor Loret Steinberg, is actually 70% female.

Apr 14, 2010

Come Monday (Cosmic Forces Permitting), Be Prepared for the Relaunch of BagNewsNotes!


What's in store...

>> An exciting new look by rockstar designer Naz Hamid of Weightshift.

>> Greater emphasis on what makes the BAG the BAG: the pictures and the discussion.

>> An archive you'll have fun playing around with and losing yourself in whether you're a history buff, a media junkie, a photographer, a media studies student, or just a fan of The BAG.

>> A dedicated photojournalism section, BagNewsOriginals, steered by long-time BNN contributor, Alan Chin. (Yes, that's Shaw and Chin in Chinatown, captured a few weeks ago, in a snow storm, from an iPhone, while hatching great plans.) We've got a powerful lineup showcasing World Press and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Suau on the economy; Erin Treib on the war and its warriors; Jason Andrew on the road with the Tea Party; BAG's distinguished contributor, Nina Berman, fresh off her Whitney Biennial success, with a brief refresher on Wall Street's bust-before-last; and much, much more.

>> A Salon section managed by the talented photographer and multimedia producer, Sandra Roa, formerly of the Lens Blog, mixing audio slideshows and live chats, all focusing on key images of the day, and kicking off with an audio slide show featuring Ashley Gilbertson and a close-up look at the bedroom shrines of fallen US soldiers.

>> New contributors, including: acclaimed photojournalist Chris Hondros conducting exclusive interviews; leading visual academics Bob Hariman and John Lucaites deconstructing visual culture; Pete Brook illuminating the prison industrial complex; former White House photographer and now Columbian visual conscience, Stephen Ferry, on media's pictorial stereotyping of the third world; visual activism by Stan Banos; and thoughtful insight from Salon moderator and visual rhetorician, Cara Finnegan.

We can hardly wait for you to join us.

(photo: a friend)

Apr 09, 2010

The New BagNewsNotes is Coming (#2)


More info to follow...

Apr 06, 2010

The New BagNewsNotes is on the way! (#1)


Feb 07, 2010

The BagNewsSalon: Haiti Aftermath: A Look Back at the First Week

This BAGnewsSalon examined a small group of images from the week following the devastating Haitian earthquake, considering: the boundaries of the graphic and sensational; how much the pictures presented a representative versus generic or stereotyped view of the Haitian people; and whether the pictures overly skewed toward human suffering and physical devastation

Participants included: professors Loret Steinberg (R.I.T.), Nathan Stormer (U. of Maine) and Fred Ritchen (NYU); photographer and BAGnewsNotes contributor Alan Chin; photographers Erin Siegel (Redux), Aric Mayer, Tim Fadek (Polaris), Chris Hondros (Getty) and Willie Davis (Veras); host Michael Shaw (publisher - BAGnewsNotes); BAGnewsSALON producer Neil Harris; moderator Cara Finnegan (U. of Illinois).

Tim, Chris and Willie were all shooting in Haiti that week.

Click to replay.



The BAGnewsSalon is an on-line, real-time discussion of selected images between invited guests in a live chat room on the BAGnewsNotes blog.

Jan 29, 2010

More BAG

Are you following our Twitter feed? Enjoy more political optics and photo analysis with only slight overlap with The BAG. Add us here. And then, don't miss out on our best takes. Sign up now for our newsletter -- a weekly digest of the "Best of the BAG." Enjoy.

Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Sphere From The BAG

wishing spheres.jpg

(Click for full size)

I found myself moved by this image (and these- 1, 2, 3) from the newswire this afternoon. The caption reads:

Workers arrange "wishing spheres" from a boat as part of an art installation on the Singapore River December 18, 2009. People pen their New Year wishes on these wishing spheres throughout December to be placed on the river as part of the coming New Year Day celebrations.

Given the extreme pain of the recession, the endless state of war(s), the unabated political polarization and all too much flat-headed thinking in the country, as well as the honest divisions within the Democrat family, I know all of us were worn out by this year, if not the last decade, and are yearning -- so hard -- for better.

New Years, of course, exists almost singly as a marker of endings and new beginnings. The symbol of the sphere is tremendously powerful, too, these balls representing to me both the larger sphere of our planet, with its fragile natural and social ecology, as well as -- reminiscent of bobbing heads -- the more personal and immediate spheres of our families and the singular culture inside our own bodies and minds.

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Dec 20, 2009

Best of the Decade

If you've been "in(to) The BAG" for some time, you know that I head up north this week and escape the grid. With our expansion plans in the works, I've been working particularly hard lately both reading the pictures and shaping the BAGnews future so my wrists, eyes and brain are due for a break.

While I'm off, though, we have a special plan for you. In honor of our coming upgrade and the end of the '00s, BNN's Deputy Publisher Karen Hull will be here in a curatorial role to bring you some of "The Best BAG Posts of the Decade." (She may even dip into the "original BAG" collection which started in 2000, our current focus on pictures dating to '04.)

So stay with us over the week as we look back and forward at the same time.

And, in the meantime ... Happy Holidays!



Dec 11, 2009

Pictures of the Week: Nobel Edition

To hear my riff on the Pictures of the Week,

check out this latest segment of "No Days Off" from Florida Progressive Radio (after 1 minute commercial).

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